With every piece of technology that comes with the intention of trumping the other one, it can be said that living life with fewer hassles has been one of the biggest advantages. Some might say that mobiles and tablets have made us less mobile (physically,) but also has provided to act like a tablet (medicinal) towards many of our troubles. Remember those days when you had to go to travel agents to book your travel tickets or hunt for a nutritionist to chop out a diet plan? Apps have made the commuting disappear altogether with the help of just a click. Now you can order stuff at home without stepping out of your comfort zone and do your exercises without hiring a personal trainer.

Free Apps for iOS and Android

Life as we know it has undergone a remarkable change. At a much lesser price, you almost get everything you need at your finger-tips. Sure, you have to pay for some of the apps. But think about it? It’s a one-time investment. Even if you are paying, you are getting quality stuff in return. We have chosen apps that not only serve the best but are also free to install. However, there could be internal purchases that you might have to deal with later on in a few of the mentioned apps.

Sworkit Free App on iOS and Android

Now you might have made plans to get leaner or physically stronger this year. We know how difficult it can get to keep up with resolutions. And that’s exactly why we would suggest you make yourself open to what this app has to offer you. The simple customizable app helps you to select your motives and goals. The app then chooses a plan that can help you become ‘Fitter’, ‘Leaner’ or ‘Stronger.’ On selecting a particular category, workouts are provided at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

You could use the app for free for a month, after which you are required to pay. The best part about it is that it also has a workout called ‘Get Moving Without Sweating’. So if you have worn some nice clothes but you would like to utilize your time burning calories, this app seems apt. This is one of the main reasons Sworkit trumps our list. It understands us so well. Although the app is free, there will be internal purchases that may be required of you.

Sworkit app

Image: Sworkit App

Do we like it? Abs-olutely! We would rate it at around 4.7/5 for going the extra mile in understanding us.

Google Translate Free App on iOS and Android

There can be various reasons to travel across the globe. It could either be an expedition, business trip or just to enjoy quality time. Crossing borders can be exciting but also comes with its own set of challenges, with the language being one of the biggest. Google Translate comes to the rescue almost instantly. It’s one of the best apps that could help you understand the locals. Apart from that, it will also help you communicate with them. The app version has around 103 languages that it supports. Imagine you are stuck in a city where the road maps are not in the Colonial language. All you need to do is take a snap of it and it shall help translate the signs your camera has picked. The app could even help you learn a new language! Now ain’t that smooth?

Google Translate app

Image: Google Translate app

Do we like it? Unquestionably! We’d give it a full 5/5.

Google Allo Free App on iOS and Android

Knowing how important it is to stay connected with the outside world and constantly be upgraded about the recent gossips, we pretty much would like to suggest the Allo app from Google. WhatsApp has been ruling the market and more than half of the world might be using it, but when we experimented with Allo, we pretty much loved it. One can change the size of text messages according to smart and contextual replies. The messages are encrypted, but in case you want conversations to remain extremely private, you could go into incognito mode. It allows you to set an expiry time for the messages which shall automatically destruct the text. Allo also supports Google Assistant which makes chatting with friends more fun. It is sans the video calling and voice recording, but then Google has its Duo app for that.

Google Allo

Image: Google Allo app

Do we like it? Something new and safe is always welcome! We’d rate it a 4.8/5

ESPN Free App on iOS and Android

We get how guys can be obsessed with sports. Keeping scores and who scored in which way is extremely important. But not every time luck may favor you where you have the telly in front of you showing the game. This is when a good sports app comes in handy. ESPN has been quite promising. Formerly known as SportsCenter, the app brings to you the latest news circling in the sports community. Be it checking up on scores or exciting news of your favorite team or player, the app serves it all. You could customize your own list where you get updates on how your favorite team or player is doing. No longer do you need to worry about missing out on the excitement on the sports front because this app has got your back.

ESPN app

Image: ESPN app

Do we like it? We think it’s the best bet for all sports lovers. We’d rate it a 4.9/5

Amazon Kindle Free App on iOS and Android

Books are man’s best friend. Now we understand that those friends come at a price. Plus, you also need enough space for the entry of your new friends. Bookshelves may not be able to bear so much of friendliness. Therefore, we bring to you a walking library that can go with you anywhere you go. Literally. The app’s customized page flips actually makes you feel like you are turning pages of a book. You can bookmark pages where you left them from and resume reading later on. The app may be free but the books you may want to buy won’t always be free. You may have to pay for them unless it says it is free to read. But be assured that paying for an online book will be much lighter in the pocket as well as those burdened bookshelves.

Amazon Kindle app

Image: Amazon Kindle app

Do we like it? It’s the best deal for book-lovers. We give it a 5/5 for making life easy and reading enjoyable.

Flipboard Free App on iOS and Android

Flipboard has made to one of our most loved news app. The news genres provided by app is simply mind-blowing. The options for topics provided is exhausting. The topics also have sub-topics. Say you like technology related news. Flipboard doesn’t stop there. It makes the experience more personalized. So, in technology, it will give you options like gadgets, big data, etc. It seems like the app is here to make life easy by helping surf through the news quickly.

The personalized news app lets users also create their own tech magazine as well as follow magazines created by other people on the app. The app is quite user-friendly and convenient for quick swipes. The user interface is made in a way that flips. Although the app does exhaust quite a bit of mobile data, but can be controlled from the settings menu.

Flipboard app

Image: Flipboard app

Do we like it? We’re going out on a limb and giving it a 10/5. It’s fantastically insane!

BigOven Free App on iOS and Android

Our list has been quite accommodating. Or at least we have tried to keep it that way. When it comes to preparing meals, it can sometimes be challenging because you cannot come with new recipes every day. Plus, you wouldn’t like to keep repeating what you cook. So, we are here to make the cooking experience more fun. BigOven contains more than 350,000 recipes. Apart from providing lip-smacking options for food, it also allows you to make a grocery list in the app based on what recipe you plan to follow. The app helps make you plan meals effortlessly by providing a weekly organizer. BigOven helps you follow what’s cooking in your favorite blogger’s or friend’s and family’s kitchen through the social feature.

BigOven app

Image: BigOven app

Do we like it? New recipes, more food, we love it! A 5/5 for the additional settings.

CamScanner Free App on iOS and Android

If you are a busy person and constantly need to work on your phone where you have to send documents to your clients and vice versa, then this app is just the thing you need. CamScanner allows you to not only scan documents but also convert them into PDFs. Work is serious business and sometimes taking an image of the document is just not enough. For official purposes, you need the document to be visibly clear. This is where the app helps you out. After scanning a document, you can even crop it or edit it.

Sending files too is no trouble. The app is highly user-friendly and more so work-friendly. It helps get work done quickly and without much ado. The popular app also comes with additional options where one can merge files, add password protection, watermarks, etc.

CamScanner app

Image: CamScanner app

Do we like it? Hey! It makes work easy for us. We’d be giving it a 5/5 for being the most useful app there is.

Suffice to say that technology has made life become app-solutely dependent on them. Seems like the world is becoming smarter with more smartphones making their way into our lives. We hope our guide to essential apps proves to be of help. Yes, there are many counterparts to the apps that we have named, but if you personally ask us, we think we done enough justice. In this new year, get your phone cracking with these apps and you are going to love living a different and a meaningful life.