After the downfall of the Pill Plus in 2022, we didn’t think we would be writing another Beats Pill review, but here we are again, faced with a product on top of its game. The Beats Pill has all new features that fall in line with where the Bluetooth speaker market stands today, and while the oblong design hasn’t changed, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The new speaker has native support for both Android and iOS and while it won’t wake up to you yelling “Hey Siri,” you can still connect a Google or Siri assistant through your phone. The Beats Pill speaker details mentioned also suggest that the device has a battery that’s expected to support 24-hour playback so if nothing else grabs your attention, this feature should stand out at least. 

Beats Pill new features

Image: The Red Beats Pill 2024 speaker

Beats Pill Review—There’s a Lot to Like

The Beats Pill has pros and cons just like any other device, but the list of things to like about it feels a little longer. The pill-shaped design is quite familiar when you consider the models that came before it, but its speakers are said to be more streamlined with a slight upward tilt to direct the sound upwards to you. 

All the Beats Pill reviews are in agreement that it is perfectly sized, large enough to back a powerful sound profile but company enough to carry it around by its lanyard. If you want the exact size details to make an assessment of its proportions, then it is 8.6 inches in length and 2.8 inches in width and height. The device weighs approximately 24 oz. so you really don’t have to worry about lugging a brick around.

The soft silicone grip around the side and the indented buttons also bolster its ease of use so you should find the device convenient to use. Another one of the Beats Pill’s new features is its IP67 rating, which means the speaker is dust and water-resistant, sealed off and set on allowing you to use it indoors or outdoors, as you want. All of these combined, the device is well-designed to fulfill its promise of portability. 

Beats Pill Speaker Details: Is the Audio Quality Promising?

Shedding its older reputation for being too bass-heavy, reviewing the Beats Pill is easier with its, more balanced, sound profile. The device has a “bigger, bespoke racetrack woofer that packs more of a punch with deeper, fuller bass,” a design choice that’s supposed to push 90 percent more air for bigger sounds. The redesigned tweeter balances out the bass with clear sound quality, the combination of which is all you can ask of a speaker.

For high-resolution lossless audio, you’re free to use the USB-C cable to link it to your smartphone or laptop. While a Bluetooth connection is more convenient, you have the freedom to decide how you listen to your music. 

Beats Pill speaker 2024

The Beats Pill’s New Features Are Multiplied by Its Compatibility

What’s great about the speaker is its compatibility with its own kind. The Beats Pill has a unique Amplify mode, which is designed to help you sync two speakers to each other so you have double the power behind your party playlist when you want. If you’re not in a position to invest in a full-scale stereo system but two Beats Pill speakers feel like they would fit within your budget, then you also have the option of splitting your audio into left and right output to get the surround sound experience. We don’t see too many people investing in two devices right off the bat so this feature of the Beats Pill will be rarely reviewed but it’s a great addition all the same.

When it comes to pairing with other devices, the Beats Pill’s new features support one-touch pairing with both Android and iOS, and with this you have access to your personal voice assistant and you can also make the most of your phone’s Bluetooth locator to find your device.

How Long Does a Beats Pill Battery Last?

Our Beats Pill review would be incomplete if we didn’t get into its battery life. The device is capable of 24 hours of playback before it needs to be charged which is quite a long life. From pulling an all-nighter with your friends to enjoying a day out at the beach, you should easily sail through on a single charge with enough power to fuel the groggy day after as well. The Fast Fuel feature of the Beats Pills supports quick charging, so you can secure 2 hours of playback on a 10-minute charge.

Apart from providing lossless audio and charging your speaker, the USB‑C to USB‑C cable also serves another purpose. You can transform your speaker into a power bank and reverse charge another device like your smartphone. This way, you can always be reassured by the backup battery when you’re out and about. The dual purpose only shines through in our Beats Pill review.

Beats Pill speaker review

The Beats Pill Speaker Details Sound Great but How Much Does It Cost?

Once Apple gets its hands on something, you have to stop and wonder about the price. Knowing that Beats by Dr. Dre is a subsidiary of Apple may put you on high alert, but thankfully this device is quite modestly priced for all that it is offering. For all the new features of the Beats Pill, you’d have to pay $150 USD. For a speaker of this quality and size, we’d say that was to be an expected price but there are slightly cheaper speakers currently available on the market such as the Sony Ult Field 1 and the JBL Flip 6, both priced around $130 USD.

The Beats Solo Buds that were released earlier were also an affordable yet comfortable entrant on the audio market, so we’re not all too surprised by the speakers. Writing a review of the Beats Pill was easy considering how straightforward the features are. If you’re looking for something more extravagant, jam-packed with more exciting options for connectivity and play, then this might not be the speaker for you, but if high quality and ease of use is what you’re looking for, Beats Pills new features should be right up your alley.