‘Beauty is skin deep,’ goes the saying! With new beauty apps, beauty is also more natural to attain. Be it trying to match the hair with a specific colour, selecting a cosmetic shade or getting a pre-defined look of nail paint, and beauty apps are the best way to go!

Best Beauty Apps of the Year 

With a smartphone and the beauty app on the device, you can quickly get a preview and buy your favourite makeup. The beauty apps also allow users to order beauty products, book services and as well as give preview looks in real-time on the phone screen. This will save a lot of money for the user. Some of the best beauty apps include the following:

Style My Hair

This app was developed by Modiface for L’Oreal and used custom 3D hair colour technology to give good previews of hair colour looks. They capture and follow the live movement of the person and then provide realistic results, besides a split-screen feature for comparing the before and after look. Once you have finalized the look, you can easily book an appointment of hair colour at the nearest L’Oreal salon in the app and share the colour shade you want.


This app allows users to test different shades of lip, face, brow and eye shadows from popular brands. There is also a precision contouring feature for beginners and live makeup filters to use effectively. The app also facilitates the immediate purchase of that particular favourite beauty product.


This app enables users to experiment with hair and makeup looks. One can also include accessories to go with the looks in addition to getting creative with different effects. There is also a distinctive Skin Score feature where the user can click a selfie for a skin analysis and get a result test of the overall health. The app also addresses issues of skin that require immediate attention. There is also a Hair Advisor feature which gives on-demand hair consultations through video chats to users.


This takes the selfie feature to another level, with BeautyPlus you will get additional editing options like teeth whitening and filters like mermaid hair and flower crowns for a beautiful look. You can also add playful stickers and accessories on the selfie picture.

AR Nail Design

Love nail colours and trends? This app is the best for that! With this app, you can test out several nail stock colours, patterns, art and combinations to get a sense of which look would suit your nail. This app is primarily for nails and caters to everything related to it be it nail art or nail care.

The Glam App

With this beauty app, you can review and quickly book local hairstylists, makeup artists as well as nail technicians. You need to scroll through the app to find the right service, select a specific favourable date and time, and the specialists would be at your door. The app is serviceable in 23 cities, so you don’t even need to step outside to look your best on special occasions and busy schedules


This app goes beyond the beauty appointments of nail, hair and makeup, and it also allows users to book on-demand massages, facials as well as personal training at their home! All the user needs to do is book them there itself. The app also has spray tans and ear piercings listed for their customers.


This app gives information about the latest beauty trends and also has efficient shopping facilities for its users. The app also has reviews from professionals in addition to tutorials which will inspire you to try a variety of looks at home.


This app allows users to share and learn tips and reviews on beauty from across the globe. The app also has a tutorial feature where users can post any beauty question and get replies on it.

Think Dirty

There are many cosmetic products which have harmful ingredients in it. that is where Think Dirty comes in! with this app, you can identify and learn about the potentially toxic ingredients in cosmetics and personal care products. You need to scan the barcode of the product, and the app will quickly analyze the safety quotient of every component in the product.

Hair Alert

This beauty app gives customized hair tips analyzing the local weather and also gives notifications to the user on a rating of each day’s hair score. This lets the user to effectively plan any washing, shampooing, straightening and all such hair necessities.


Consulting a dermatologist has never been so easy! For a minimal fee, users can get a virtual consultation with a board-certified dermatologist through this app. The user needs to provide photos as well as necessary information so that a proper diagnosis and possible prescription can be created.