Bedtime VR Stories

Reading your child a bedtime story may soon become a thing of the past. Okay, maybe not. But Samsung is trying to make sure that your child sleeps well, and does not feel alone when you are away for work. To address this issue, Samsung introduced an app – Bedtime VR Stories – that would allow parents to connect with their child and narrate them a story using their Gear VR headset.

Well, you might think that most of the children are capable of unsettling the bedtime themselves, without any app by their side. May it be through earsplitting pillow fights, demand for bedtime snacks, or 157th question about life and death. However, Samsung thinks that their new app can merge the power of technology with the tradition of storytelling.

The official site introduces the new app as:

Sharing a bedtime story is incredibly special. But longer working days and hectic schedules make this harder to do. At Samsung we believe that technology should bring us closer together. That’s why we developed Bedtime VR Stories, so parents and children can enjoy a story together, even when they’re apart. Using individual VR headsets, the app creates a VR story environment where parent and child can see and interact with each other, for an immersive shared experience.

The most overlooked aspect of virtual reality is that it can empower people to be together in one virtual space. Samsung considers this aspect and comes up with this app to prove that VR applications are not limited to gaming. In current scenarios, when in a majority of families, both the parents are working outside the home, VR gives a great platform for working parents to connect with their kids when they miss them the most.

Currently, the Bedtime VR Stories is in the development phase, but once it will be launched, it will give a strong reason for parents to buy Samsung smartphone and Gear VR headset (two of both of them).

Many working parents have already moved from voice calls to video chats for bedtime storytelling, with this new app, looks like virtual reality is the next stop.