Beer tracker app Untappd is merging with Next Glass, a Smartphone app that identifies and recommends wine and beer.

Beer fans are probably already familiar with this beer social networking app, but in case you are not, Untappd was founded over five years ago by Tim Mather and Greg Avola. It is a leading smartphone app that keeps track of not only places you are going but also drinks that you are having. It allows you to socially share the brew you are currently enjoying. It allows you to discover new hangout spots and also know where your friends are hanging out by checking their profiles. It will also recommend you drinks based on your preferences. So, there is no reason not to try something new. It also provides the user with super cool badges on completion of different criteria.

While Next Glass is an app that will let you add reviews about the drinks you had and will recommend new beers and wine that will delight your taste buds. You can scan different wines and beers and this app will provide a score to each drink according to your preference.  It will also provide you with nutritional and other details. It has analysed thousands of bottles of wine and beer and maintains a huge database to provide you with accurate choices according to your taste. The company will benefit by teaming up with the beer tracker app and declared about this merger on twitter.

The founders of the Untappd app, Tim and Greg have been working part-time for this app, while having a full-time job for supporting their families. This has resulted in slower growth and lesser feature releases. With this merger, they will be able to run their company for full-time and may also hire additional employees to help them add new features and badges.

Both the Smartphone apps will continue to work as they are, but will gain a lot by collaborating with each other. Neither of the apps will be rebranded or changed but will only make each other better. Both the companies said that “It is a merger of two like-minded startups. We will continue as we have been, making a social network for beer lovers, but at a quicker pace.”