There is hardly anyone who isn’t in love with voice assistant Alexa; it is everyone’s favorite! Alexa is used for many activities, from playing music and scheduling timers to checking the weather and switching-off the smart lights in the home only with the voice. However, this smart home device is changing and upgrading, and so also the speakers that sync with it.

Today Technowize brings some of the best Alexa speakers that give a unique sounding experience and are useful tech devices.

Sonos One

It is a mesmerizing smart speaker with touch-sensitive controls, bi Class-D digital amplifiers, a good woofer, and one tweeter.  The set-up is easy with a nifty Trueplay Tuning process, and there is also a new Hi-Res Audio sync to the mix.

Best Alexa compatible smart speakers

Amazon Echo Studio

This is an Alexa for audiophiles and the foremost high-end smart speaker homes. It is the best sounding Echo device so far with its superpower performance at 330W and impressive sound quality.

Best Alexa compatible smart speakers

Amazon Echo

The latest version of the Amazon Echo speaker is a good upgrade from its predecessors, with an in-built Zigbee smart home hub and a new AZ1 neural edge processor. Through this speaker, the voice assistant Alexa will be able to efficiently answer the user’s basic questions or even make calls within the country of residence. It can also control multiple smart devices in a home.

Best Alexa compatible smart speakers

Amazon Echo Dot with Clock (2020)

The Amazon Echo Dot is one of the best smart speaker options for confusing smart home technologies. The device offers a haven for Alexa to live inside a home and excellent sound performance in a room. In most ways, the Amazon Echo Dot (2020) lives up to the legacy standing by the previous Echo Dot devices – being small, loud, clear, and impressive to the core!

The Echo Dot with Clock device can also be used as a bedside alarm. The new device went through a radical design overhaul compared to its predecessors with a space-age spherical design and is available in both gray and white color schemes.

Best Alexa compatible smart speakers

Bose Home Speaker 500

Bose is the boss of speakers, and here too, it rules. The new Home Speaker 500 has both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa built-in and gives excellent room-filling sound. It is an eight microphone array designed both for near and far-flung listening ability and enables the user to converse to Alexa even during the music play.

Best Alexa compatible smart speakers

Amazon Echo Spot

The small Amazon Echo Spot is an affordable smart speaker and has sleek and smart looks too.  It has around 5.5-inch screen around the size of a smartphone and is designed to be placed anywhere in a home. The device is ideal for use in intercom-style video chat around the house. The Amazon Echo Spot also crops widescreen video and zooms-in to fit faces to the small circular screen.

Best Alexa compatible smart speakers

Yamaha YAS-209

The Yamaha speaker is a 2.1-channel soundbar with excellent audio quality. It has a 100W driver and 200W of power for the system located across the two front-firing speakers, and there is also a separate wireless subwoofer. The speakers produce clear and crisp sounds, and vocals with enhanced bass, and the DTS Virtual: X processing gives a supersonic sound experience.

Best Alexa compatible smart speakers