Making a list of the Best Apple Apps seems indeed a hard nut to crack. For, there’s a problem of plenty. Hence, chances are fair that one might easily get puzzled to make one such comprehensive list. Therefore, as always, Technowize comes to your rescue. We have gone through a painstaking research and listed out the following top Apple apps, which can help you make a difference in your work as well as your life. 

Now, without much ado, let’s explore all of them, one by one and see what exactly they bring to the table. Here we go! 

Best Apple Apps: Think Different!

Apple has a great retention rate. Most of the first-time Apple users remain in the club permanently. And apart from that, they also go to the extent of vouching for the brand itself, influencing a non-Apple user in the process. In terms of branding and marketing, this is called building advocacy. Among the sea of brands out there, only a handful of them have managed to achieve this with grand success. And certainly, the Cupertino-based tech giant leads the pack. 

Often, we come across memes on the internet, which highlights the steep price of an Apple product. And buying an iPhone, the most popular and the most-sought after of them all, is equated with selling one’s kidney, at times. However, one must take a moment to think that there’s something, which propels the growth of Apple and makes iPhones thrive, despite their otherwise hefty price-tag. 

Top Apple Apps

The best Apple apps have helped the company to a great extent, in building its brand advocacy. [Image Credit: Apple]

Now, the question becomes, what is that x-factor? It’s certainly not the fact that iPhones have some over-the-top features. Rather, it’s the value which an iPhone adds to one’s life, something which Apple itself has started to focus on its branding and marketing, these days. 

Today, you will come across global campaigns like, Shot on iPhone, which rolls out a series of fascinating images clicked by an iPhone, building an immediate connection with an Apple user, as well as a potential Apple user. 

Apple, which made history while introducing the life-saving Emergency SOS via Satellite feature to its all-new iPhone 14 last year, offers you a lot of value-addition, in the form of the best Apple apps. Be it iPhone or iPad (some of them are available in MacBook also), these following top Apple apps are simply top-notch. Let’s unfold them in detail and see what’s in store. 


This happens to be Apple’s in-built web browser, which becomes the default one in Apple devices, unless you choose something else over it. Promising to allow you to explore the web with lightning-fast speed, Safari speaks volumes about data privacy, which has now become a growing concern, globally.

Thanks to its powerful privacy protections, which protect you from trackers who capitalize on every single chance of profiling you, you can be rest assured. There’s robust customization options, to make it even more appealing. Be it browsing sites, translating web pages or accessing your tabs across iOS, iPadOS and macOS — Safari can do it all. 


This gem of a creative tool, came into being, only last year. It was an instant hit with artists, writers and people across different productive fields. When it comes to collaborating on projects, there’s nothing around which seems to match the excellence of Freeform, which amplifies the scopes of brainstorming and real-time collaboration. 

You can add photos, video, audio, documents, PDFs, web links, stickies and what not? Freeform allows up to 100 collaborators to work at a time on a single file. You will get immense help from a vast library of over 700 shapes. To ease things out, it’s interlinked with Messages and FaceTime. 


If you are a fitness freak, then this is certainly for you. It comes with a Streamlined Summary tab that allows you to have a look at your Activity Details, Workout and Mindfulness History, Trends and Awards, without any hassle. 

Moreover, you can not only share goals and track them everyday, but also share your data with your friends and family members. Rated as one of the best Apple apps, Fitness offers you an array of lucrative supporting stuff —  curated music, meditation programme, 4K UHD video and audio workouts, along with trainer guidance and coaching. 


Here you can do much more than taking simple notes. You can add attachments of almost any kind — photos, maps, web links, documents and can even can paper documents with the help of the built-in document scanner. 

You can also insert handwritten things or sketch something. There’s the scope for making folders and sub-folders. Be it a checklist, shopping list, wish-list or a to-do list, everything gets automatically synced with iCloud. 

It also allows you to secure sensitive or personal data in the form of a locked note and invite friends or colleagues to collaborate and contribute. 


It offers you with an array of beautiful templates designed by Apple, to choose from. Courtesy of them, you can seamlessly create gorgeous reports, digital books, CVs, posters and more, in almost no time. 

It’s absolutely easy-peasy to add images, movies, audio, tables, charts and shapes in Pages. In the case of an iPad, you can make the most of the Apple Pencil. It’s a rare app, which is simply great for writing, designing pages or just scribbling. Pages is a must choice for the top Apple apps. 


This is another great inclusion in our curated list of best Apple apps. From managing your sleep cycle and connecting it with the alarm clock, to tracking step counts and even menstrual flow appetite changes, the Health app is a wonder. 

It can notify you if there’s anything to worry about your walking stability. With the Health app at your side, you can also manage your daily dose of medication. One of the major highlights of this app remains the fact that it tracks your average resting heart rate and notifies you if there’s a reason to take prompt measures. 


This is a gem, an absolute gem for creating eye-catching presentations. There are a host of (almost 40!) brilliant Apple-designed themes to pick from. You can add text, images, charts, tables and shapes through some simple taps. 

Keynote also allows you to collaborate with others. The built-in camera can be used to add live video to your slides. And with Keynote, removing image backgrounds is no big deal anymore. 

Moreover, you can also import and edit Microsoft PowerPoint presentations on Keynote. When it comes to animating or morphing graphics, Keynote aids you with the impeccable Magic Move effect. 


Be it preparing your home budget, checklist, invoice, mortgage calculator and a wide range of other important stuff, Numbers is a go-to app. With close to 30 Apple-designed templates, ability to choose from hundreds of powerful functions and even write or draw with an Apple Pencil, Numbers is undoubtedly one of the best Apple apps. 

Without much hassle, you can add tables, charts, text and images anywhere on the flexible canvas, through some simple taps. It also provides you with the ability to animate your data with interactive column, bar, scatter and bubble charts. Numbers also give you the much-needed room for real-time collaboration. 


It’s much like the Google Calendar. But here, you can actually create separate calendars for home, school, work and more. You can easily sync it with iCloud, Yahoo, Google and other accounts. Therefore, whenever you make a change, it finds reflection on all your devices. 

Calendar is a great app to seamlessly keep track of your schedule and share it with others, as you can invite people to a particular event or meeting. For your information, it’s compatible with iPhones, iPads and Apple Watches. 


The tagline reads — Don’t forget. Use Reminders. Nowadays, our lives have become so fast-paced and eventful that it becomes really difficult to keep a track of everything, on most occasions. 

In this regard, the Reminders app comes to great help. Be it to-dos, including grocery lists, projects at work, or anything else you want to track, Reminders make your life easier than ever. With the iCloud syncing facility, you get a gentle reminder on all your devices. 

It’s compatible with Apple Siri, as you can create reminders with the help of your voice itself. With loads of customization options and the facility to share and collaborate, Reminders makes the cut to the best Apple apps. 

You can check and explore all these top Apple apps from your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and even MacBook. They are the ones which give Apple an edge over its global rivals. Explore them yourself and see how much value they add to your daily life. For, that’s what matters at the end of the day afterall. 

Stay tuned with us for more exclusive updates on Apple along with other top stories from the world of tech. 

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