The futuristic scope of Augmented Reality is used across varied applications that we use in a day to day life. Consumers nowadays are highly seeking AR applications and tools to experience the best of services.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality is an advanced technology that virtually implements 3D visuals into a “real-world” scenario. It gives the user the impression that the virtual object is co-existing with them in the physical space. The AR technology is primarily used in gaming to give gamers a realistic experience and engage them in the scene. AR technology is helpful in the shopping app experience too. Today we will look at the best-augmented reality applications of 2020


Compatibility: iOS, 4.7Android, 4.6

Houzz is a platform for home goods and furniture sellers and one of the best AR apps enabling interior layouts and designing. It is primarily a home improvement app with eCommerce functionality.  The app has a “View in My Room” feature that uses AR technology to place products into the photo of a room or the home using 3D technology. With this concept, users can view their home with the products placed across the room.

Best AR apps

IKEA Place

Compatibility: iOS 4.7, Android 3.7

This is another leading AR apps for iPhone and Android, specializing in home décor. The app enables shoppers to place their products in their homes through AR technology.

However, IKEA Place looks at the bigger picture and evaluates the room or the house and the overall floor plan to see what things fit best where. Users can see various products and place them in the room through the easy drag-and-drop functionality.

Best AR apps

YouCam Makeup

Compatibility: iOS 4.8, Android 4.6

This app is perfect for make-up lovers who love trying out different looks with make-up and styles. As purchasing make-up in a store means you cannot try out every look sample on the spot, the YouCan Make-up enables the user to try out different looks and make-up styles and decide the best for them. It allows shoppers to test make-up from innumerable options and brands with AR technology.

Best AR apps


Compatibility: iOS 4.6, Android 4.2

This app mixes animated GIFs and AR technology to transform photos and videos into canvasses for 3D graphics. Users can add graphics and animated elements to their photos to give them a new look.

Best AR apps

Google Lens

Compatibility: Android 4.5

The Google lens app used AR technology to enhance the search experience for people. Instead of typing, the user can open the app and aim at the product/place they want to learn more about. The app will immediately identify the object and interpret the written text to give the user additional information. It’ll also give information about where the user can buy the product (if it is one).

Best AR apps


Compatibility: iOS 4.7, Android 4.1

This home goods app is mostly for eCommerce store owners to use the app and create augmented visuals of their products. The app is more effective for driving ‘field sales’ for pop-up shops, farming sales, event sales, and other temporary retail ventures.

Best AR apps


Compatibility: iOS 3.8, Android 4

This is one of the best AR apps for business owners. They can create an AR-driven online store, incorporate AR into their banner and print ads, and even see the featured products and categories when experienced through AR technology.  For consumers, the app gives both an in-store and at-home brand experience about the products and categories.

Best AR apps


Compatibility: iOS 3.2

It is a home-furnishing AR app that complies with products from across the world web and brings it for shoppers. Users can check for products and purchase them without having to visit stores physically.

Best AR apps


Compatibility: iOS 3.8, Android 4.1

This social media platform app has super fun effects and self-destructing messages. Additionally, it also has a treasure trove of fun -face filters driven by AR technology. Brands can also imbed Snapchat marketing and AR into their promotion strategies by creating a presence.

Best AR apps