Handling personal finances is not an easy task; some people are spendthrift and end up spending more than they plan and some plan finances but end up spending because of some requirement. For all such people, there are popular budgeting apps which help one to handle and manage finances effectively. If a person requires help in controlling the spending and getting the funds under control, then budgeting apps are beneficial. There are multiple free budgeting apps, each different from the other.

Best Budgeting Apps for iPhone (Free!)

Though many applications are specially designed for the personal budgeting of a person, every budget app has its unique characteristics. If one money budgeting app specializes in offering its budgeting tools and tricks, there is another which offers bill tracking methods. Some of the best budgeting applications of the year 2020 include:

Mint – Best Budgeting App

Mint is the oldest and the most popular budgeting apps. This application is owned by Intuit, the same company which launched Quickbooks and TurboTax. The Mint application offers many features and methods that help a person to track and manage finances from banks, financial institutions, brokerages, lenders as well as credit card issuers.

The most distinctive feature of the Mint application is the budgeting tools which are the highlight of the app. The application also categorizes transactions done from credit and debit cards as well as compares them according to a scheduled budget for the month so that the user can accommodate the spending and the needs accordingly. If a person crosses the limit of the proposed budget, the app automatically sends alerts to the person and tracks expenditures by category. It also monitors the overall cash flow of the person.

Mint best budgeting apps 2020

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PocketGuard – Best Budgeting App

The name signifies it all! PocketGuard guards the pocket spendings. This app links all the financial accounts and helps a person to keep track of the expenditure and monthly cash flow following the monthly budget. PocketGuard is one of the easiest and convenient apps of all budgeting apps. This top budgeting app connects to the bank accounts and tracks how much a person earns, spending on bills and the regular expenses of a person. It also effectively tracks the deposits in a specific period.

PocketGuad also has a feature where it lets the user track each bill of the month and to find various opportunities to save finances. The monthly budget app looks for bills from phone, television bills and Internet companies and also looks for deals from these agencies for better saving. As such, the app also helps a person to limit and reduce spending.

PocketGuard free budgeting apps

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You Need a Budget – Best Budgeting App

This is one of the most popular budgeting apps with thousands of followers and users worldwide. Lovers of this app refer to it as YNAB; it has a unique method of budgeting in comparison to the other applications. Instead of relying on usual budgeting tricks and tips, this application helps a person to plan a budget based on the income, thus giving every penny value in the budget. The amount includes living expenses to regular debt payments, savings as well as investments. Thereby leaving no penny unaccounted for makes a person think about each penny earned and spent.

This application is perfect for people working together on their budget. The application can be accessed both from the desktop as well as mobile, and one can sync their bank accounts automatically or include the regular expenses manually. There are also practical debt payoff and budget tracking features that will motivate a person to fulfil their financial goals.

You Need a Budget App

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Wally – Best Budgeting App

Though this is not much easy to use the application, it is undoubtedly one of the best budgeting apps. The application efficiently helps one to track income and expenses. The application sends a snapshot of the remaining monthly budget target regularly to prevent a person from overspending. This free application is much popular with millennials and has both an iPhone and Android version for efficient use. One of the significant benefits of Wally app is the built-in support that accommodates almost all foreign currencies, which makes it easier for people of various countries to use this app.

Wally Monthly Budgeting Apps

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Best Budget Apps of 2020

Mvelopes – Best Budget App

Personal cash budgeting leads to envelop budgeting. Envelope budgeting is a kind of budgeting where the user puts in cash in envelopes for various spending activities. As each envelope is emptied, the specified budget is spent for that month. This kind of budgeting becomes complicated with credit and debit card use, but the Mvelopes app makes it easier to follow cash budget styles in the world of digital budgeting.

Mvelopes also provides the opportunity to connect with numerous financial accounts and define traditional envelope budgeting for tracking the regular spending issues. With real-time budget features, a person can decide spending according to the monthly budget.

Mvelopes popular budgeting apps

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Goodbudget – Best Budget App

This app was earlier known as Easy Envelope Budget Aid and is perfect for use by couples who want to share the normal budgeting process. The app uses envelope budgeting processes to specify and manage the monthly budget for bills and spendings.

The app also lets a person share and sync various budgets with budgeting partners through iPhone and Android medium. When a person adds a new transaction, they also get the option to add various details, thereby dividing the expenses into multiple envelopes. The app allows up to 10 envelopes for free use. One can add to the envelopes from the regular income once it is generated into the account, which lets the person know how much finance is left in the budget.

Goodbudget free budget app

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Simple – Best Budget App

This is a bank account in short, not a budgeting app. This app replaces old checking accounts and provides different budgeting features for the user. This app is much easier to handle, track everything as well as control the finances. The app can be accessible only by a single user and details about the investments cannot be shared, which gives a secured option.

This app tracks income and regular spending and also has a budget goal feature to motivate savings. There is also a Safe-to-Spend® feature in the app which tells the user if they are on the right budgeting track, and if there is ever any overspending, it alerts the person. Simple is an efficient banking and budgeting application.

Simple personal budgeting app

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Personal Capital – Best Budget App

This application is an all in one investment advising solution for a person. It is a hybrid finance Robo-advisor as well as a human advisor service in one. With this free app, one can access the money tracking dashboard, which has exciting budgeting features and methods.

The Personal Capital app emphasizes on investments, with a free, automated and updated analysis of the investment fees, asset classes as well as other crucial investment details. There are also good cash flow and budgeting tools in Personal Capital.

Personal capital monthly budgeting apps

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Albert – Best Budget App

Albert app analyzes the income, spending habits, monthly budget, as well as the overall financial health of a person once the financial accounts are linked. With the help of proprietary algorithms and methods, it decides how much the person can save each month and after that, automatically transfers that amount to the Albert Savings, which stays secured in the app.

The transfers in Albert Savings occur around 2-3 times each week, and the amount ranges from $5 to $30. If a person prefers getting a more efficient hands-on approach with the savings, they can serve as the Albert app to save a specific amount each week. The person can effectively withdraw the savings without any fees. One distinctive feature of this app is that it pays the users a minimal reward for saving money. The app gives the person a bonus of $1 for every $100 a subscriber person save across one year, and a premium of 25 cents for every non-subscriber.

Albert free budgeting apps

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Clarity Money – Best Budget App

This app offers various distinctive features which are helpful for both budgeters as well as savers. With a useful link to financial accounts of a person, the app creates a characteristic pie chart that displays the finances and highlights where and when the person has overspent.

The app after that identifies recurring expenses and tracks price increases as well as price deductions of that service. One of the distinctive features of this app is that it cancels any unwanted accounts that would drain a person of their finances. Clarity Money app also allows users to effectively transfer as well as save money in a non-interest bearing account. The users get to select the amount and when they want to keep the money.

Clarity Money best budgeting apps

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