These days, there are almost a sea of buy now pay later apps. Though many of them are reported to be useful, they call for an extra cushion of caution. Let alone in 2022, endless cases have been lodged against many such fraudulent apps. Therefore, when it comes to choosing a particular app, which will be catering to your specific needs, it becomes a tricky affair. Hence, to ease all your complications, here’s the best buy now pay later apps shortlisted by the experts at Technowize. For your information, this list has been made after taking every aspect of the top buy now pay later apps. We hope our comprehensive analysis will clear your air of confusion and you might embrace a problem of plenty so far as the most effective buy now pay later apps are concerned. Here we go!


Regarded as one of the best buy now pay later apps available at the moment, Affirm offers you a purchase limit of as much as $17,500. The most interesting fact about Affirm is that it doesn’t charge you a single penny. It’s one of the rarest of its kind which even does away with late fees. This is indeed a huge perk of having this one of the top buy now pay later apps up for grabs right now. However, you have to pay simple interests for certain transactions. Again that’s unlike most of such apps, where your interest starts increasing in a compound rate.


  • You can make online purchases as well as in-store ones.
  • You are free to choose the payment schedule that suits you best.


  • Affirm doesn’t offer you any physical card.
  • For most of the transactions you will be required credit checks.

In a nutshell, Affirm is one of the most useful buy now pay later apps in 2022. It’s absolutely safe and secured. Hence, without any second thought, you can get started with Affirm.


Sezzle is the frontrunner among the best buy now pay later apps, when it comes to flexible payment plans. It stands on a different pedestal altogether by allowing customers to reschedule payments, a great perk which gives them up to two weeks of additional time. If you choose Sezzle, you have to pay 25% payment immediately and three additional payments at the interval of every two weeks. Sezzle has already won the trust of 3.4 million active customers and at the moment it comprises of almost 48,000 active merchants on the platform. This indeed speaks volumes about its credibility as one of the most effective buy now pay later apps.

top buy now pay later app

Sezzle is one of the trustworthy BNPL apps with over millions of active customers and around 50K active merchants. [Image Credit: Sezzle]


  • You don’t need to pay any sort of interests for your purchases.
  • For every order, the first rescheduling doesn’t come with any fees.


  • Sezzle charges 25% down payment upon purchase.
  • For additional rescheduling, you have pay charges.


Afterpay leaves others by miles when it comes to the best buy now pay later apps for students. You would be glad to know that there’s only soft credit check, with no minimum score. All your purchases through Afterpay would be split into four equal payments. It’s really a well-thought move on the part of Afterpay to introduce smart card limits which ensures that students don’t encounter with any difficulty so far as the affordability to pay for purchases is concerned. Dubbed as one of the top buy now pay later apps of the year by several experts, Afterpay offers you with a virtual card in the app for in-store purchases.


  • The smart credit limits feature aids you in staying under budget.
  • Afterpay sends reminders which take care that you don’t miss a single payment.


  • At times, to your utter astonishment, Afterpay may decline your order.
  • Late fees are quite steep as sometimes they rise to as high as 25% of order amount.

Choose Wisely, Spend Responsibly

There’s no doubt about the fact that all of these best buy now pay later apps are absolutely safe and secured. However, developing an over-reliance on such apps, is a must no-no. Minutely go through the pros and cons of the top buy now pay later apps. Before going ahead with any of these apps, be fully sure if its offerings really match with your own priority list. Wish you a safe investing.