Two years ago, I quit my corporate job to follow my startup dream. Some of my friends and ex-colleagues were supportive and even helped me during the initial stages of startup struggle. My startup progress is not incredible, but there is a constant stream of cash that allows me to make proper business decisions without panicking or rushing to be making more money. The progress is good, and now I’m looking to spread my wings and expand exponentially beyond Excel spreadsheets. Honestly, a fancy place for the startup base would have been nice. But I was looking for a city that has tech talents, lots of investors and doesn’t have huge taxes. In my quest to find the best cities to launch a startup, I was able to find some interesting information that will help aspiring entrepreneurs like me.

Cities To Launch A Tech Startup

Best Cities to Launch A Tech Startup

Here are a few tips when you’re looking for the best cities to launch a tech startup.

It’s always good to measure results and metrics before taking big decisions picking a startup base. Today Silicon Valley and San Francisco have become the gravitational force for tech startups. But, not anymore. I’ll break it down to three major cities: San Francisco, Berlin, and London. Here’s a short list of some key aspects.

  • The cities are a melting pot of nationalities – there is a zero language barrier.
  • The cities have relatively low cost of living and low housing cost.
  • The cities are near to an economic powerhouse – Silicon Valley, Germany.
  • The government is open for new things.
  • Due to the co-working space explosion, there is a vast amount of unused commercial real estate.
  • The cities are a talent powerhouse, and are wide open and welcoming to skilled workers from other countries.

I would also suggest Tel Aviv, Sao Paulo, and Buenos Aires, however, the recent political unrest suggests you pick a place where there’s little government hurdles. South Africa is also rapidly growing and in fact, some cities have quickly become an equal match to the ones listed above.

Whichever city you pick, I suggest you go for the one with a supporting government, foreign innovators, affordable living and openness to innovation. After all, these are the key ingredients to build a startup culture. I hope you were able to get some help by reading some of my tips on best cities to launch a tech startup. Good luck with your startup, I wish you be royally successful!