Technology has touched every aspect of our lives-even coding! There are many coding apps for kids nowadays which offer innovative and useful ways to learn and start a coding adventure. The applications for kids encourage chidren to become creators of code with new coding skills. Budding programmers can create their personalized games and solve problems with coding, as also practice logical thinking and math skills. The coding apps for kids teach everything from simple commands to complex programs and are designed specifically for children. Here are some of the best coding apps for children to help them learn and practice coding:

codeSpark Academy: Kids Coding App

this is an award-winning coding that teaches kids how to code. The app has a game-like interface that makes coding exciting and fun for kids. Kids learn to code through this app with lovable characters called The Foos. The kids have to implement their logical thinking and problem-solving skills to help the role Foos accomplish tasks. The interactive design of the app makes it easy for the kids to get a head start with coding before learning to read it. There is also an open play area that allows kids to code their games and share them with friends. Kids can also encrypt and create interactive stories with custom voice recordings and photos. codeSpark Academy has a range of computer science concepts from sequencing to conditionals, which helps in developing a better understanding of coding. Additionally, the app also uses additional programming concepts through fun games to make learning more fun.

CodeWizardsHQ Coding Apps for Children

This is an online coding school for kids that focus on making code learning fun and effective. The app provides online coding classes for kids and teens between ages 8-18. Teachers monitor the classes that are student-centered and project-based. The code learning courses have a structured and progressive curriculum with separate tracks tailored for elementary, middle as well as high school students. There is also a 1-hour coding concept class in Python, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, and Scratch for children who like to delve in the specifics of coding further.

CodaKid Coding Apps for Children

This is a kids coding platform that teaches kids to use real programming languages as well as professional tools to create games, coding apps, programming drones, and building websites. The courses in this app are fun and engaging. CodaKid app teaches JavaScript, Java, Lua, and the Unreal Blueprints scripting language to students. Their coding courses teach booleans, conditionals, loops, variables, methods, arrays, switch statements, and functions, among others, for budding coders.

Hopscotch: Coding App for kids

This app is designed for kids between ages 7-13, though anyone can use it. On the Hopscotch app, learners can make their games, apps, and animations. The app also has self-paced video tutorials that teach coding through popular games, like Pokemon Go, Geometry Dash, drawing apps, and more. The Hopscotch app creates newer opportunities for students to apply coding to other subject areas.

ScratchJr Coding Apps for Kids

With the ScratchJr app, children of ages 5-7 can create their own interactive stories and games. Children learn to solve problems, design projects, and express themselves creatively through this app. They collate graphical programming blocks to create characters move, jump, dance, and sing. There is also a paint editor wherein characters can be modified, and the children can even include their photos. With ScratchJr, children learn how to create and express themselves with the computer, not just interact with it.

Kodable Coding Apps for Children

The Kodable app teaches basic to complex level program procedures to the children. There are easy-to-follow lesson plans that focus on student outcomes. This helps the teachers to teach coding Javascript, Python, HTML, CSS, Java, among others, to students. The Kodable app breaks down computer science finer basic concepts that help kids to build a strong foundation of coding. Study materials focusing on communication and social, emotional learning topics are provided through the app. Children learning computer science through the Kodable and CodeHS K-12 pathway will learn foundational skills in computer science, preparing them for the next step in their learning.

Tynker: Coding Games for Kids

The Tynker app uses code blocks to teach kids how to code and program. With this app, kids learn to code using visual code blocks that represent real programming concepts. After that, the student progresses to text languages like JavaScript and Python. Children can also use the Tynker Junior, Tynker, and Mod Creator apps to code and create. The coding lessons are designed to guide kids on an interactive path to earning cool new badges as they progress. The Tynker app includes visual programming language through coding puzzles to make learning more interactive. The children learn and apply coding skills with fun adventures. Tynker courses adhere to 1st–8th grade Common Core standards to ensure coding can be integrated into any subject area.

Bee-Bot Coding Apps for Children

the Bee-Bot app allows students to use an app version of the famous robot to learn the basics of coding and programming in the different levels and puzzles using the cartoon bee. It also allows students to improve their coding skills in directional languages and programming through various sequences of forwards, backward, left and right 90 degree turns depicted in each level.

Many interactive applications are perfect for teaching coding and programming to children. Be it through puzzles or games, and kids learn coding and many new things about the world of coding.

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