Coding is one of the popular activities for kids, and the pandemic has given fuel to this skill more than ever. Almost every parent encourages their child to code and put them into coding classes or get them the best coding apps. Coding apps for kids are a great way to jump-start a coding adventure. The coding activity encourages children to become creators, budding programmers, effectively create games and solve problems.

As technology is becoming a more significant part of our lives and curriculum, learning coding has become an essential skill. The coding apps for children also enable students to learn specific fundamental and essential aspects of the programming and tabulating part of coding.

Coding Apps for Kids to Explore

1. codeSpark Academy: Kids Coding

It is an award-winning coding app for kids with an interactive game-like interface to make coding fun. Kids learn coding with exciting characters called The Foos. The app brings in various worlds that introduce a different coding concept in each world. Kids learn and use their logical thinking and problem-solving skills to help the characters accomplish tasks. The app has a word-free design that makes it easy for pre-readers to learn to code even before reading. The codeSpark Academy has puzzles and plays areas to engage kids into learning coding through playing and solving problems. Kids also get to interactive code stories with the help of custom voice recordings and photos.

Best coding apps for kids

2. Daisy the Dinosaur

This is an iPad coding app for kids that teach the primary computer programming concepts. The programs and concepts are drawn out easy enough for little tots to understand and learn.  Daisy, the Dinosaur app teaches programming concepts like loops and conditionals to kids without engaging them with complex terms. The game-based learning program makes coding and learning easy for kids. With simple steps, any kid can animate Daisy the Dinosaur and make the character dance on the screen.

Best coding apps for kids

3. Algonquin

This is a free coding app and best suited for kids aged ten and up. This app has detailed puzzle challenges that children can solve while learning the specifics of programming. The coding app features 30 levels that will teach kids the basics of coding engagingly and interactively. The app uses game mechanics drawn from the best programming concepts.

4. CodaKid

This coding platform for kids enables children to use real programming languages and professional tools to conceptualize and create games, programming drones, and websites, among many. The app is entertaining and engaging and teaches students professional languages like Python, JavaScript, and Java. Kids also learn conditionals, loops, variables, methods, arrays, and switch statements, among many. The app also boosts kids’ expertise in mathematics, problem-solving, and critical thinking.

Best coding apps for kids

5. Hopscotch: Coding for kids

This coding app is designed for kids aged 7-13; however, anyone of any age can use the app. Kids can create their games, apps, and animations and learn and use coding with the kid-friendly tools. The app also introduces video tutorials aimed at teaching kids coding through popular games, like Pokemon Go, Geometry Dash, and drawing apps. The app also creates new opportunities for students to learn and to code to common subject areas.

Best coding apps for kids

6. ScratchJr

ScratchJr is a free coding app designed for children aged 5-7. Children can create their customized interactive stories and games and also gain problem-solving and designing skills. Children can also collaborate with graphical programming blocks to make characters do various activities. Children can also modify images and characters in the paint editor tool, embed their voices and sounds, or even add customized photos into programming blocks and use them.  With ScratchJr, children do not interact with programming blocks and learn to create and express themselves better through it. They can also use mathematics and language to develop early-childhood numeracy and literacy skills.

Best coding apps for kids

If you want some of the best coding apps to help kids learn to code and learn, the list has the best coding app options. Making coding fun and engaging for kids with these apps.