Photos without filters are hardly a thing nowadays. There are many photo filter applications available out there, with which one can embed beautiful and enchanting photo filters to share them across social platforms. Today we bring to you some of the most popular and useful photo filter apps for Android and iOS platforms.


Available for iOS and Android

 This is the most popular filter applications. The app has 30+ filters that can embed great filters to photos and videos. The filters range from artistic to natural and can be used in selfies and photos for beautiful effects. Users can also adjust the intensity of the photo filters to explore several looks and play with the photo’s lighting and color.


Available for iOS and Android

This app has a beautiful and easy to use interface and a social media sharing platform inbuilt in the application for easy sharing. The filters in the VSCO app are distinctive in the sense that they’re crafted in a way to mimic specific professional photography. The app has 20+ sets of filters, and one can also purchase add-on packs to access more. Professional photographers mostly use the VSCO app to enhance their high-defined photography.


Available for iOS and Android

Snapseed app comes with a user-friendly interface and several editing tools for photo editors. There are preset filters, and one can also customize their filters on the app. Additionally, there are tools for photo cropping, straightening, frames, and including texts and vignettes. One can also sharpen the photo and remove blur and grainy effects. A distinctive feature of Snapseed is the useful precision masking feature whereby a person can edit or adjust a photo’s depth. The “Selective Adjust” feature enables a user to select a specific area on the photo and adjust its saturation levels, contrast, and brightness.


Available for iOS and Android

This app is perfect for selfies as the filters aim to enhance faces in photos. The distinctive feature of the Retrica app is the ability to embed filters in the “live camera” mode of the device. That way, the user can edit the photo and embed effects on the camera itself without even clicking it.


Available for iOS and Android

This app has thousands of free filters and many tools to adjust different aspects of a photo. One can play with the intensity and color of the photos or enhance the topography of it.


Available for iOS and Android

The app has certain features that one can use in the “live camera” mode and others free, and one can use it in any mode. Pomelo features 60+ filters, including natural adjustments to enhancing photos with wildly artistic color variations. One can also add more filters by purchasing a promo expansion pack.


Available for iOS and Android

This app is more of a “beauty app” and is more useful in editing selfies. The app has thousands of photo filters to develop and enhance the photos and make them look their best. One can add minimalistic as well as cultural changes to their photos. There are also several college options to explore through the app.

Filter applications for iOS and Android are downloadable from Apple Store and Google Play, respectively. The above applications are increasingly becoming famous for their multitude of photo enhancement features and editing effects. Use the best apps to create a stunning and attractive photo of yours!