The best investing apps can get financial investments and trading a roaring success. It can handle regular financial tasks, direct money to investing accounts, track efficient spending and many more.  Let us look at some of the best investment apps to streamline the finances and investments. The list of apps is superb to use for first-time traders and make investing an easy process.

best investment apps

Merril Edge

Merrill Edge offers users $0 trades, detailed research tools and efficient customer service for the investors. The platform has proprietary tools like Stock Story and Portfolio Story, and a quantum of educational resources.  The app is a perfect choice for investors who want to handle banking and brokerage activities in a single platform. It offers $0 stock, ETF trades, an universal account management and good rewards for regular investors.   The options trades are priced at just $.65 at each contract, though it is restricted to max two legs.

Zacks Trade

This is an online brokerage firm application designed especially for traders and investors. The app offers penny for each share trades and free broker-assisted trade services. The platform is best to use for regular investors, traders, investors who want a human broker, investors who want to deal in foreign stock exchanges and options traders. It charges a single penny per trade for stocks that are worth $1 and more. To deal in penny stocks, a user needs to pay 1% of the total trade value, with a $1 amount minimum. The options trade costs $1 for the initial contract and 75 cents for every additional contract. There is not assignment fee.  In addition to this, Zacks Trade offers unlimited access to 20+ research tools like Zacks Investment Research, around 80 subscription reports and three efficient trading platforms. The trading platforms are free for all and available for every customer. The Zacks Trade Pro tool also enables users to customize the layout to meet the requirements. There is also custom charting, 120+ technical indicators and an robust Options Strategy Lab that enables users to assess how profitable a particular options trade can be.

Acorns SoFi

This is a good app for trade beginners. Acorns cost around $1-$5 every month, depending on the plan that the user chooses. It however, offers more than just investing service- it is more of a premium holistic financial app that gives retirement and checking accounts for users. It also enables one to invest in stocks. On linking the debit and credit cards, Acorns tallies the purchases and invests the difference efficiently into stocks.


This is not an entirely commission-free trading app. However, the features make it an efficient Robinhood alternative. Through this app, one can purchase and sell stocks at a minimal trading fee- $0.99. In addition to stock trading, users can also purchase fractional shares through various investments or offer single shares too. The advantage of the fractional sharing app is that users can engage in shares in high-end companies like Amazon and Google.


This is a new app platform in the world of financial market and stock games. it is also the efficient and user-friendly investing application available for having fun and picking up stocks. One can also schedule stock games with friends to last a longer time.  One of the distinctive things about the Wealthbase is that the app integrates the social media platforms with stock picking. With this, a user can see a feed of stocks that their friends are choosing, with regular updates about the stock analysis. Users can also engage in communications with friends and can access the app through web or mobile app.