With the Apple 12 suite soon set to hit the market, iPhone users are busy preparing to gear up suitable and efficient accessories to go with that iconic smartphone. The iPhone 12 with MagSafe, A14 Bionic, and improved Night Mode feature has experienced radical upgrades across all its features and applications.  We list some of the excellent accessories that would complement the iPhone 12 perfectly.

Accessories to buy for iPhone 12

iPhone 12 MagSafe Wallet

This Magsafe wallet clasps efficiently onto the back of the phone where the MagSafe is located. For users who have a card supporting contactless payments, the wallet also facilitates payments without any ApplePay app.

iphone 12 phone case and accessories to buy

Moment Lenses

The iPhone 12 can give more than just photography with moment lenses fitted in the device. The  Moment lenses are a pack of innovative lenses- tele and anamorphic lenses that attach to the case and extend the lenses of the iPhone 12 for a perfect photo finish. These innovative lenses, combined with a pro-camera app, highlight the spectacular iPhone 12 camera’s abilities.

Accessories to buy for iphone 12

MagSafe Charger

Magsafe is bringing in a revolution in wireless charging for the iPhone 12. All one has to do is to place the iPhone 12 correctly on the wireless charger. The charger is, however, a power-transferrable tool and data.

iphone 12 and accessories

AirPods Pro

This is a perfect tool for music lovers. Apple’s premium wireless Airpods Pro is ideal for the iPhone 12 phone. The buds have noise cancelation features and transparency mode for low speaking. The rubberized tips of the buds make them an excellent fit. The AirPods Pro can be easily synced with the Apple device for regular use.

Best accessories to buy for iphone 12

Totallee Thin Cases

With the MagSafe feature in the iPhone 12, users will need a compatible case.

On comes the Totallee thin cases that fit the iPhone perfectly and would give the best protection needed. The cases are well built and are available at an excellent price for people who look for something other than Apple-made.

iphone 12 and best accessories to buy

Joby Mini GorillaPod Tripod

The iPhone 12 suite is upgraded in terms of its camera and its video features. There is Dolby Vision, improved Night Mode, and HDR when recording video. However, to perfect things further, one would need a good stable tripod to keep the camera intact. The Joby Mini GorillaPod is the right choice with an innovative design where the videographer can bend and even wrap the tripod around their arm to have a solid hold during filming.

Accessories to buy for iphone 12

Accessories for the Apple iPhone 12


Anker USB-C PowerCore 20000 Battery Pack

A low battery on the phone is a frustrating thing, and it is certainly more on the iPhone 12. To keep the battery running in full power during a movie on AppleTV+, music tracks on Spotify, or video streaming on YouTube, use the Anker USB-C Powercore 20000 Battery, iPhone 12 charger and iPhone power adapter and headphones. The portable USB charger can recharge an iPhone 12 up to 3.5 times efficiently.

iphone 12 and best buy accessories

PhoneSoap 3 Smartphone UV Sanitizer

Sanitizing devices is a new and compulsory thing nowadays. The phone is the most used device, and studies have shown that phones can be ten times dirtier than a toilet seat. To keep the iPhone 12 clean and sanitized, use a UV sanitizing device and iPhone 12 accessories like the PhoneSoap. This sanitizer kills 99.99% of germs that lie on the phone’s surface and can be easily carried around. It also has two charging ports and can be used as a universal charger too.Various accessories to buy for iphone 12

Ailun Tempered Glass iPhone 12 Screen Protector

Protect the glass of the iPhone 12 with a strong tempered glass screen protector- the Ailun tempered glass screen protector! A screen protector is an efficient solution for the iPhone’s frequent falls and mishaps from the slippery hands.

Phone cases and other accessories to buy for iphone 12