You must have wondered about the best Lego Star Wars sets of 2022? It’s certainly not an easy-peasy job to carve out a list of the finest Lego toys that dreams are made of. Don’t worry, Technowize comes at your rescue as always much like your favorite Star Wars characters which contribute to the top Lego collectibles of 2022. Let’s ride the journey towards the Legoverse of Star Wars and unlock every important tool to ensure the best of times with your best Star Wars Lego toys. 

Lego Star Wars Sets 2022

[Image Credit: LEGO]

Top Lego Collections of 2022 – Star Wars

Lego, which was started in 1932 by Ole Kirk Kristiansen in the Scandinavian country of Denmark, has joined hands with Star Wars to create probably the most exciting Lego collection ever. Here’s our top picks which construct the best Lego Star Wars sets of 2022. We have meticulously crafted it based on a number of important factors. Here we go!

Star Wars: Ultimate Millennium Falcon 

This Lego set is intricately detailed and masterfully built, recreates this signature piece from the Star Wars series. Its complexity actually adds spice to the excitement, while remaining loyal to the original design. This undoubtedly fits into the list of ‘Top Lego Collectibles of 2022.’

Star Wars: A New Hope Mos Eisley Cantina

It depicts an iconic scene from the Star Wars universe and gels effortlessly with Star Wars: Ultimate Millennium Falcon. In addition to it, this Lego set comes with a dynamic, two-in-one design. Any list of ‘Top Lego Collectibles of 2022’, can’t do away with this Lego set. 

Star Wars: The Mandalorian – The Razor Crest

This Lego set comprises of characters from an expanded Star Wars narrative and thanks to the compact, detailed craft aided by easy-to-assemble feature, it has made it to the list of best Lego Star Wars sets of 2022. 

What Happens If a Lego Piece Is Missing from My Set?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions on Lego toys, which started their fascinating journey nearly a century ago. More often than not Lego fans end up losing one or two pieces of their respective Lego sets. This unfortunate incidents make them think that they might just have ruined their favorite Lego set. In reality, which is not the case. This would come as a huge sigh of relief to the millions of Lego fans around the world that you can actually get a replacement of your missing Lego piece from the largest toy company in the world, itself. 

The process too is not that complicated, rather absolutely hassle-free. You can just lodge an official report with Lego through its main website. In order to fast-track the entire scheme of things, Lego advises to also share the concerned piece’s part number. You will get this important piece of information from your best Lego Star Wars sets of 2022’s instructions. Usually, it takes around six weeks for the new bricks and pieces to get delivered right at your doorstep. 

What Happens If I Misplace the Directions to My Lego Set?

If anything of such sort ever happens to your best Star Wars Lego toys, you might rightly feel that things have worsened as you can’t provide the required part number to get the much-needed replacement of your lost Lego piece. But there’s a solution too. Click Lego’s official website and visit the product page where you will get digital instructions to all of its sets for free.

For your information, these Lego instructions are available in the PDF format and can be downloaded as many times as you wish. Moreover, you can do away with signing up for a Lego account. Now, as per your convenience, check them minutely on your electronic device or get a print out of the whole thing. Now, you can be rest assured with your ‘Best Lego Star Wars Sets of 2022.’