The first day at the CES 2020 is all about keynote addresses and press briefings held by big companies like Samsung, Intel, Bosch, and such. The real action begins when the public exhibition halls open up. Still, here is a glimpse of some interesting reveals of day 1 at the CES.

CES 2020 Best new gadgets

New Technology Gadgets We Loved at CES 2020!

Technowize-Best technology magazine brings to you the coolest new gadgets spotted at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. Have at it!

Vizio Soundbar

vizio soundbar CES best new gadgets

Vizio’s Elevate soundbar is a 10-channel, 5.1.4 sound system that features 18 drivers and a wireless subwoofer.
Its two speakers physically rotate depending on what you’re watching or listening to at any given moment. It throws sound upwards when you play Dolby Atmos or DTS:X sound. For everything else (like music or standard surround sound), they point forward. It supports Bluetooth 5.0 and Chromecast audio. The Elevate measures 48 inches across.
Vizio is well-known for its affordable sound systems. Its high-end options are worth the money too. The new soundbar line comes with backlit remotes, which was missing in its earlier versions. Pricing at the moment is not clear, but it will be competitive.

An Ice Cube Ouster

It is called Juno, manufactured by Matrix–the company that manufactures smartwatches powered by body heat. The device can rapidly cool anything that can fit in its cylindrical structure. The device is made to modify the temperature of your drink with thermoelectric cooling (TEC) technology that is “as simple to use as a toaster,” reads the description.
It is small, compact, and approximately 8-inches by 13-inches by 16-inches. One can fit a bottle into it or pour the liquid into the container provided. It can easily fit on a countertop. No more waiting for the refrigerator to cool ice.
The cooling system is environment-friendly as no chemicals are used for cooling. It uses the Peltier effect—it transfers heat from one material to another electronically. Its cooling time is an average of two minutes.
You can pre-order the gadget, and shipping starts in Q3, 2020, and it is priced at $199.

A snore snooze pillow

MotionPillow CES new technology gadgets

Yes, after a pinching contraption, there is an easier method to stop the loud nasal noise that keeps your partner awake—the snore stopping pillow.
South Korea based TenMinds has come up with this solution called Motion Pillow. It is a memory foam pillow filled with four airbags and a sensor-based pressure monitoring system. It has a microphone attached to detect snoring frequencies. The whole thing is app-based.
The way it works is, once the system detects the loud snoring frequency, the pillow then automatically starts inflating and turns your neck into a new position, akin to someone nudging you into a new position to stop the snoring.
A manual version of this pillow is available and retails for $378. This automatic  Motion Pillow will retail for $420 and will be available from April onwards.


LOVOT CES best new gadgets

A trio of lovable robots, almost like toddlers captured hearts at the CES 2020 unveiling. Reminiscent of Teletubbies, the robots, called Lovots, are mechanical pets that need no feeding or walking. What they respond to is just a little bit of love.

Affection and coddling lead to cute giggles, joyful movements, and cooing noises. Manufactured by a Japanese startup GrooveX, Lovots are built to stir up your instinct for love. The robot has been in the making for three years and will finally be hitting the market in 2020. It will retail for $3000, which does not seem too steep to the people who have interacted with it at the CES.

Reports say the robots are pretty advanced and interactive. They make friendly overtures, which can be a boon to lonely hearts and people who are afraid of social interactions. It is programmed to progressively build a relationship with the owner, with face recognition and greetings at the door. It is clothed in a soft terrycloth, has three wheels and a camera.