News apps are a rage nowadays to keep a person updated with the world’s news and current affairs. In the super-connected world where there is news every second, it is crucial to stay updated on the happenings. This is where the news apps come in! An excellent news app now only keeps the person informed about the happenings and takes the readers and viewers beyond the headlines to understand the scenario more efficiently.

List of Smart News App of the Year

These news apps make the public and readers aware of the events happening in local as well as global areas. Newspapers are efficiently being replaced by some of these news apps which are easy to access and provide on-point information with just one click.

Google News

Google News offers customized news briefing of the top trending news throughout the day. There is also a “Full Coverage” button below the headlines that give additional information on the news and a broader view of the news story. Users can also subscribe to their favorite news sources to get updated news directly on their feed.

Best news apps most popular

Use for: customized news, top trending news, subscribing to news sources and direct updates

Microsoft News

Microsoft has an updated news mobile news app titled Microsoft News that gives curated news selections. One can also select personalized topics of their choice. The app also has Home Screen and Today Widgets that features news stories on the home screen to select them easily.  Users can also change the layout and sync settings on their account or save trending news stories for offline reading.

Best news apps most popular

Use for: mobile news, easy news story selection, change layouts and saving news for offline reading

AP News

This is one of the best and leading news app with a traditional touch. The app brings in news from the Associated Press’s network of local, national, and global news coverage. Users can also choose and follow their favorite news categories and local AP-affiliated news sources and access a wide range of photo galleries and video and radio news.

Best news apps most popular

Use for: news app with traditional touch, global news coverages, following favorite news categories and accessing photo and video galleries on radio news

Reuters News

The Reuters News app covered news content from 2,000+ reporters across 180 countries. It gives a broader perspective for global news, and users can also choose personalized news topics and categories as per their choice. One can also read Editorial Highlights or follow the financial news with their Market Watchlist.

Best news apps most popular

Use for: news content from 2000+ reporters, global news, choosing personalized news topics and editorial highlights


The Inkl brings in news from a host of reputed sources like the Washington Post, The Guardian, Straits Times, and The Economist, to name a few. The app has an ad-free reader simple interface where one can choose favored topics and filter news for getting the most relevant ones as per their choice.

Best news apps most popular

Use for: ad-free reading, choosing favorite topics and filter and news from reputed hosts


This app has customizable news, and a feeds reader interface for both free tier users and premium subscribers. Users can also subscribe to RSS Feeds, blogs, podcasts, news, social media searches, and many more through the app. Additionally, one can subscribe to services like Pocket and Google Drive or schedule services like Buffer and HootSuite platforms. An additional $50 annual Pro subscription gives users access to unlimited topics and feed subscriptions.

Best news apps most popular

Use for: customizable news, subscribing RSS feeds, blogs, podcasts and many more from the app, and subscribing to Hootsuite, Buffer, Google Drive and many more apps


This is a news app that focuses much on presentation. It is a traditional meets modern app that turns bland-looking website news articles into slick presentations. Users can choose various topics, interests, and websites for news stories, and the app gives them a “Smart Magazine” that is primarily meant for those selections. The app brings in a rich treasure trove of articles specified to the chosen categories.

Best news apps most popular

Use for: news app focusing on presentation, and choosing favorite news topics and interests


The pocket app enables users to save articles for later reading. Users can save exciting and trending news, articles, links, and content to read them later at one’s convenience. The app integrates with the simple share sheets and buttons and allows the users to save content for later reads. The saved content then gets synced across different devices. Users can also configure the reader view as per their choice. The best feature of the app is that the app even reads it to you.

Best news apps most popular

Use for: saving articles for reading later and app reading the news for you