The most influential tech event in the world, CES, represents a true event where we can see the advancement in technology and human development. CES 2022 dates were January 5th, when the show started, and January 8th, when the CES organization concept came to an end. 

We could see many technological innovations that left us speechless. In the following text, we present you with the best of CES 2022. 

Best of CES 2022

A color-changing car: BMW iX Flow

A color-changing car 

Until CES 2022, we could see a color-changing car only in spy movies. This kind of futurism is now available with the BMW’s new iX Flow. This car can change colors from completely white to black, and this is possible thanks to the special kind of shade-changing ink. 

You can transform the look of your car with the press of one button and this is also important on hot summer days when you can keep your car cooler when it is in the “white mode.” Although the technology is very interesting, we shall wait for some time until we see the car in the local dealerships’ salons. 

CES 2022 Deere Tractor

John Deere 8R tractor is equipped with cameras and other technology gadgets.

Autonomous vehicles

Other kinds of vehicles that attracted a lot of attention at CES Las Vegas 2022 were John Deere Tractor and Hyundai Heavy Boat

The new John Deere 8R tractor is equipped with cameras and other technology gadgets that can be controlled via smartphones and remote apps. This makes the work in the field much more efficient and faster than before. 

Another autonomous vehicle is the Hyundai Heavy Industries Autonomous Luxury Boat that is full of high-tech equipment. The boat can avoid obstacles in the sea and it can dock itself when the risk of an accident is high. This kind of smart technology adds more security and more safety for each traveler. 

CES Las Vegas 2022

Imuzak 3-D Steering-Wheel display.

3D Holograms on car dashboard

If you can imagine 3D holograms on your car dashboard that make you informed on the road, it is time for the new technology. The Imuzak 3-D Steering-Wheel display is one of a kind display that lets you see 3D pop-ups on the dashboard of your car in front of you. These kinds of pop-ups can inform you about ATMs, restrooms, hotels, restaurants, and more. 

The technology is possible thanks to a 2.8-inch screen that is part of the steering wheel. There are also microlens that are on the top of the dashboard so that you can interact with the objects in front of you. 

Use your mind to control the music playback 

We already have wireless and Bluetooth versions of headphones and earbuds. With the help of such gizmos, we can comfortably listen to the music by using these devices, but what happens when we need to change the song or change the sound level. We need to use our hands and that is not comfortable anymore. 

The Wisear company made things easier for all of us. They made mind-controlling tech that will allow us to control the playback with our minds. We will easily change the songs or take a call, only by using our minds. 

This technology is possible thanks to the tiny electrodes that record brain and facial activity. In addition, AI technology is also included. As a result, we have a very useful mind-controlling possibility that can be part of many products that we use every day. 

Many participants were part of the CES 2022 body, and the big names in the industry like Lenovo, Meta, and others took part in the event with an online presence. We could see some of the most remarkable tech solutions today, and that’s how CES 2022 met the expectations of many people who were part of it.