The rage of social media and perfection in presenting oneself on social media platforms have taken over everything. Even in sharing the perfect beauty clicks! As such, there has been a tremendous rise in photo editing applications to make their photos appealing and beautiful.

Best Photo Editing Apps

A photo editing application is a software tool that helps one edit pictures and creates a striking visual display of your photos.  The photo-editing application has various editing features like cropping, controlling shutter speed, and enhancing the photos through filters.  Let us look at some of the best photo editing applications ruling the world.


The Snapseed application by Google has a super user-friendly interface and various features for photo editors.  There are many preset filters, and users can also create their personalized filters on this app—additionally, several other tools like cropping, straightening, frames, including texts and vignettes. One can also sharpen their photos and remove grainy textures from the photos.  An exciting feature of Snapseed is the precision masking feature that enables users to edit a photo’s depth.  The “Selective Adjust” tool with which n user can select a particular area and adjust the saturation levels, contrast, and brightness of the photo.


The VSCO app has a camera with filters, efficient editing tools, and an online community for photographers to connect. The filters available are exciting, where users can make their photos look like an analog film camera clicked them. One can also adjust the photos with a slider tool. Additionally, the app has different editing tools that enable adjustments, cropping, adding borders, and vignettes. One can also adjust the exposure, contrast, temperature variation, and enhance skin tones of the photos. Once the photos are ready, one can share them with the VSCO’s community platform or other social network platforms.

Prisma Photo Editor

This is a free photo editing app where users can use artificial ‘neural’ networks, and users can transform the photos to make them look like paintings. One can also subscribe to the app to access additional filters along with 500+ creative filters. The app also has its online community where photographers can connect and share. Photographers can share to Prisma feed, save it on their device, or share it on social media platforms.

Adobe Photoshop Express

The Adobe Photoshop Express app has the best photo editing features and Photoshop tools in a single app.  One can upload a photo on the app, click a new photo, use an existing image on the Adobe Creative Cloud account, and edit it.  The app has a diverse collection of cropping tools, red-eye correction tool, brightness check, contrast, saturation variation, filters, and adding borders. The app’s best feature is the variety of smart filters that automatically correct photo issues like color temperature and photo exposure. However, to use the Adobe Photoshop Express, a user needs to sign up for a free Adobe ID account.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC

The Adobe Lightroom CC app gives access to high-end professional editing tools for the users. The app’s best feature is that it supports RAW files, which is a high-quality image format.  The app emphasizes giving high-quality adjustment tools in a simple interface. This enables the users to adjust features like light, detailing, the color of the photos, distortion, and grain texture. A subscription to the Adobe Creative Cloud gives additional editing tools and features. The additional tool includes editing and Adobe Sensei, an advanced AI system that auto-tags the images based on the content.

There are several fantastic photo editing apps available, making it difficult for a person to choose the best. One should check the compatibility of the app on their smartphones and get set to editing their photos.