Raspberry pi is very versatile, and you can use it to monitor the weather, make games or even build robots! But, of course, one of the essential parts of any project is accessories, so we have compiled a list of the best raspberry pi accessories you can find. They are sure to help you get started with your awesome projects today!  

Raspberry Pi

Image: Raspberry Pi Starter Kit

Raspberry Pi Starter Kit  

This Raspberry Pi starter kit includes everything you need to set up your raspberry pi and begin on some unique projects today! It has a high-quality case, power supply, memory card, and cables, as well as an official raspberry pi board so that you can be sure of the best compatibility. 

In addition, the tutorial book will help walk you through all the basics, from setting it up with your tv or monitor to how coding works, so this is one accessory we would recommend for anyone getting started with their new project!  

Raspberry Pi Official Case

Image: The Official Case for Raspberry Pi 

The Official Case for Raspberry Pi   

You might think that since raspberry pi boards are small, they don’t really need protection, but actually, these little devices have a lot of potential to get damaged, so it’s a good idea to protect them. This raspberry pi case from the official website is made from high-quality plastic and includes rubber feet on each corner, which prevents scratches or slips and ventilation slots at the top for heat dissipation. It even has a removable lid that makes accessing your board very easy!  

Raspberry Pi accessories

Image: Raspberry Pi Official Heat Sink

Raspberry Pi Official Heat Sink   

If you plan on overclocking or running any intensive programs, then overheating will affect performance and can also cause damage if not monitored closely! Overheating has been known to result in SD card corruption, malfunctions, and even melting of components which means this heat sink accessory by raspberry pi could be vital for protecting your device from harm. It attaches with thermal adhesive tape, so there is no need for messy glue, and it makes transferring boards much easier when swapping projects over as well! In addition, the aluminum alloy construction provides excellent cooling properties without obstructing access to any inputs or ports, so we would suggest getting one if you plan to run any high-demand programs.  

Raspberry Camera Mount

Image: Raspberry Pi Camera Mount 

Raspberry Pi Camera Mount  

The raspberry pi camera mount is a piece of hardware for attaching an official raspberry pi camera to any flat surface. The design is sturdy and creates a strong bond between the board and the mount, which I imagine will be difficult to break, even with excess force. 

This camera mount works great! It holds your raspberry pi camera tightly in place so it won’t fall off if bumped or vibrated by something like an earthquake or anything else you may have planned! I highly recommend buying one of these because it’s cheap but high-quality material. 

Best Raspberry Pi accessories

Image: Raspberry Pi USB Hub

USB Hub   

Even though raspberry pi has four USB ports available, it can be a good idea to get an additional hub because chances are you will need more than this at some point. The majority of devices only use two or three while coding, so if you plan on taking projects with you, this accessory would pretty much cover any needs in terms of number. 

Still, there is always room for expansion, which means buying one now could save money later down the line when accessories become more commonplace. Not having enough ports might cause difficulties during prototyping and therefore increase frustration levels among team members since everything does have to go through just one port!  

Raspberry Pi Wireless Keyboard 

Last but not the least , we have the Raspberry Pi Wireless Keyboard is an ultra-slimline, lightweight keyboard with an integrated touchpad for use with Raspberry Pi. It is specially designed for Raspberry Pi; this compact unit offers the additional benefits of the SBS Innovations new L820RF chipset, which provides extended range and reliability.  

The high-performance RF chip supports wireless communication up to 10 meters indoors or 33 meters outdoors. You will be able to enjoy using your Raspberry Pi without having to hook up any cables, making it easier than ever to take your Raspberry Pi anywhere! If you decide not to use the onboard wireless capability, you can easily disable it by removing R82 (a solder bridge) on the underside of the board.