Even in 2022, turntables stand tall, having managed to thwart the sands of time. However, they need quality speakers to perform in the most optimized manner. At times, some of the finest turntables, which reflect sheer class, get reduced to mere showpieces due to the unavailability of speakers par excellence to pair with.

One must realize that, turntables not only evoke nostalgia, they offer pure bliss in terms of melody and that too in a mechanism which is dipped in elegance. Often, we get helpless after failing to find the right speaker, the perfect match which can blend effortlessly with the respective turntable to result in a seamless musical bonanza. Therefore, we at Technowize, presenting you the best speakers for turntables – the ones to watch out for in 2022. Let’s unravel the best speakers for turntables, curated by our expert team.

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KEF LS50 Meta looks to be a massive upgrade over its predecessor and qualifies as one of the best speakers for turntables in 2022, for sure. [Image Credit: KEF]

KEF LS50 Meta

KEF LS50 marked its dream debut way back in 2012 and ran riot through the audio equipment-industry thanks to a rare amalgamation of stunning sound quality, beautiful design and elegant look. After almost a decade, we have now a massive upgrade in the form of KEF LS50 Meta.

Though seemingly they look identical in nature, the latter comes with the new Metamaterial Absorption Technology (MAT) meant for absorbing sound and preventing distortion. This is one of the prime reworking that the Uni-Q driver array has been exposed to. With inch-perfect precision, increased clarity and finesse, along with full-bodied presentation (which is an absolute rarity in case of such small speakers), KEF LS50 Meta appears to stand on a different pedestal altogether among the best speakers for turntables available in 2022.

You will be getting 85dB/w/m sensitivity, 8ohms impedance and 13cm mid/bass driver. There’s no doubt why KEF LS50 Meta is rated as one of the leaders in the club of best speakers for vinyl.

Naim Mu-so Qb 2nd Generation

This is a hidden gem! With 3.5mm aux input, up to 24-bit/384kHz hi-res and 300W power output, Naim Mu-so Qb 2nd Generation seem to be the most perfect turntable Bluetooth speaker you can have at the moment.

Along with multi-room facility, this one of the best speakers for turntables, allow you to pair with Apple AirPlay 2, Chromecast, Spotify Connect, Tidal and Roon Ready music streaming. In a nutshell, your search for top-notch speakers for record player, might just end here.

What Speaker Is Good for Turntable?

Listening to music is something which is quite personal. Hence, there can’t be a readymade answer when it comes to choosing among the best speakers for vinyl. Weigh the options, create a benchmark depending upon the factors connected to your own priority list, then settle for an apt speaker. You can opt for a turntable Bluetooth speaker too. In this regard, please note that if you are planning to buy a new turntable, you can actually go for a Bluetooth-enabled turntable. This will make the whole process completely glitch-free.

There’s another important aspect which you need to keep in mind. Most of the speakers will require a stereo amplifier with in-built phono preamp (aka phono stage), in order to amalgamate with your turntable to provide a hassle-free musical experience. In case your amplifier is devoid of a phono stage, you can add an external one to your system to get started.