‘Best Valentine’s Day Tech Gifts’ – it’s again that time of the year when the search for such terms gain a sky-high surge on the internet. Right from different community platforms on various social media channels to leading ecommerce sites like Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy or dedicated tech sites like Croma, to news portals and e-magazines, people practically go on frantic searches with utmost desperation to find the right match for their respective matches. 

At times, they flip through the pages of newspapers and periodicals or go on a surveying spree on different WhatsApp groups, as they race against time to decide on what they should give to their beloved who’s into tech, this Valentine’s Day. 

They scan anything and everything which they consider as a potential resource to guide them through this tricky lane, where there are patches of grass along with holes and thorns. Despite so many resources around, it remains a hard nut to crack. 

We all know that love is something which doesn’t probably require material stuff to weigh its worth. But there’s no harm in diving into a wholesome celebration of love in these otherwise troubled times, where hatred and violence are desperately trying to take control of the air. 

It’s true that the very act of gifting something to your beloved and that too on the auspicious day when St. Valentine embraced martyrdom to protect love from the hands of hatred, is indeed special. But what if your gift manages to strike a chord the moment your valentine opens it, especially in the case when you are not around? The excitement will certainly get doubled. 

Let’s delve deeper with our special feature on the Best Valentine’s Day Tech Gifts to discover the top picks. 

Best Gifts for Tech Savvy Valentine

If your partner or beloved happens to be a techie or someone who possesses a love for tech stuff, then an extra layer of difficulty is added, almost organically. For, the choice becomes quite niche. And you might start biting your nails despite the ample of suggestions available around you. [Image Credit: Freepik]

Best Valentine’s Day Tech Gifts: TECH Love, Gift More 

When you scroll down through any ecommerce website or flip through a product catalog, we don’t really jump the gun. Rather, we try to apply reason, consider the pros and cons along with other important aspects and last but not least, check if the pocket-pinch is within our range. 

But when it comes to gifts, especially gifts for our beloved, more often than not, all these traits take a back seat. They are replaced by dilemma, confusion and at times, nervousness. And the very smell of Valentine’s Day accelerates the heart beat, making the job even more difficult. 

If your partner or beloved happens to be a techie or someone who possesses a love for tech stuff, then an extra layer of difficulty is added, almost organically. For, the choice becomes quite niche. And you might start biting your nails despite the ample of suggestions available around you. 

Hence, as always, Technowize comes to your rescue. We have assessed different personas and churned out this comprehensive list of Best Valentine’s Day Tech Gifts, by joining bits and pieces. We have tried to make this list as varied as possible, curating the best tech gifts from the world, spreading across genres and tastes. Moreover, there’s something for all. No matter what your budget is, you will find something here that ticks all your boxes, for sure. 

Sounds cool, right? Let’s get along with the road trip through the ‘Best Gifts for Tech Savvy Valentine’ without much ado. Fasten your seatbelts for a roller coaster ride. Here we go! 

Pocket Premium Subscription 

If your tech savvy valentine is a bibliophile, then in all likelihood, they prefer to read online. On their smartphones, tablets and possibly laptops too. One of the foremost issues that readers who read digitally face, is the common tendency to lose track of their favorite articles. 

It’s pretty understandable that due to our fast-paced lifestyle, we have to abandon even our favorite pieces midway. We think we will come back to them later on and most of the time, we end up losing track of them. For a passionate reader, it hurts. And even for a not-so-passionate one, it doesn’t help. 

Then? What is to be done? To get the better of the pain points that come otherwise with the Read It Later habit. There’s a fascinatingly brilliant app called Pocket, which gives an instant solution to this tricky question, without much hassle. 

Why Choose It? 

With Pocket in your pocket, you can easily bookmark the articles that interest you, which you have to leave halfway at times, for quite obvious reasons. It can be operated simultaneously across devices. Therefore, you can start reading something on your iPad, leave and bookmark it to come back to it later on and resume reading not necessarily on your iPad, but on your iPhone or MacBook for instance. This certainly sounds cool, isn’t it?

The revamped UI with simple and minimalist design, makes it an absolute delight to the eyes as it soothes binge reading. To add to the utter excitement, there’s room for video support and you would be simply amazed to know that you can listen to your bookmarked articles with Pocket. Therefore, when you are driving or busy with cooking, it can come handy. 

Getting started with the Pocket app is extremely easy as it can be downloaded from the Google Play Store as well as the Apple App Store. But if you go for the Pocket Premium subscription, then you can make the most of it as a wide range of stunning features get unlocked to your surprise. This will certainly be a great gift for your tech lover valentine. 

Price: If you go for a Pocket Premium subscription, it would cost you $4.99 a month or $44.99 a year.

Apple AirTag 

Does your tech savvy partner have a tendency to lose track of important things like, keychain, wallet, laptop bag or even motorcycle? Let’s not laugh or get angry with them. Instead, this Valentine’s Day, let’s present something special that will help them profusely in tackling this Achilles’ heel in a really cool way. For, what could be more apt than celebrating your partner’s cute little shortcomings with a tinge of empathy and camaraderie, on a day that’s designated for upholding love, above all others. 

In case your partner uses an iPhone, there’s a gem of a stuff called Apple AirTag, which surely qualifies as one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for someone, who has a strong passion and fondness for cool tech tools. It’s plain and simple, yet absolutely amazing to say the least. 

We all know how Apple never fails to mesmerize us with stunning innovations and we were reminded of this supreme trait once again, when it came up with the life-saving Emergency SOS via Satellite feature for its brand-new iPhone 14 lineup. The Apple AirTag too, is a sharp reminder of the Cupertino-based tech giant’s razor-sharp brilliance that results in such cutting edge tech innovations, time and again. But let’s not delve deeper with Apple’s fascinating stories for the time being and keep that for someday else. For, it’s time to shed light on the many facets of the supercool Apple AirTag.

Why Choose It? 

Apple AirTag goes over the top, when it comes to seamless functionality and cool quotient. What is it actually? It’s basically a small, coin-like GPS device that can be attached to any item of your choice. Thus, it starts working in a hassle-free manner. But it takes care of all your worries, almost effortlessly. That’s what remains its USP.

You can attach the Apple AirTag to any item and just through a simple one-tap setup, it gets connected to your iPhone or iPad. Moreover, you can even name each AirTag depending upon the object it’s attached to and easily keep a tab on it in the Find My app.

Most importantly you don’t need to worry at all regarding losing AirTags in couch cushions or dirty laundry. For, Apple blesses you with the option to play a noise on the AirTag. Therefore, you are fully covered. 

The Apple AirTags can be bought in packs of four. However, you can settle for a single AirTag too. Go visit your nearby Apple store or authorized reseller. Meanwhile, you can also buy it online, from Apple’s website itself. It would be undoubtedly one of the best Valentine’s Day tech gifts 2023. 

Price: A pack of four Apple AirTags, costs you $99, whereas, you can get your hands on a single AirTag by sanctioning a pocket-pinch of $29

In a nutshell, all of these cool tech gifts look quite suitable for this Valentine’s Day. Let’s celebrate love even more, especially at a time when hatred and violence are desperately trying to get the better of it. May love and empathy prevail over them, forever and beyond. Happy Valentine’s Day! Take LOVE 🙂