Every successful writer has a slew of tools to help them hone the craft. While most of us are familiar with Microsoft Word, there’s a world beyond this ubiquitous and free writing software on the market. Technowize has combed through hundreds of free writing apps and software to bring to you the best writing apps of 2020.

5 of the Best Writing Apps

Writing is an enthralling activity; it not only allows one to express their feelings and thoughts but also liberates the soul. A writer can say anything, and whatever is in mind through words. There are millions of writers and bloggers across the world. Some write as a hobby, some handle a flourishing blog, and some have writing as their profession.

As such, writers use several writing apps and software which make their writing experience more convenient and pleasurable. These writing apps for iPhone and Android have multiple features to make writing a comfortable experience. Technowize editor Olivia Miller offers a brief look at the best writing apps on the market today.


This is a useful note-taking app which is used by millions of writers and bloggers. One can customize the application according to their preferences. The app allows one to jot down notes on the spot whenever one strikes the mind. Evernote is useful to use in different applications including desktop, Android and iOS. One of the distinctive features of Evernote is the free version where one can create and modify many notebooks. There are also other additional features like dictation, voice to notes transcribe facility and integration with different applications, among others. Evernote also allows one to collaborate with another writer online.

Best Writing Apps of 2020 Evernote Beta Overview

Use for: dictation and collaboration with other writers

IA Writer

This is a distraction-free app suitable for writing both articles as well as blogs. It is a minimalist writing app and is best for small writing projects. Distraction-free in the sense that the app highlights only the line the user is typing and fades every other line in the piece. The Focus Mode that comes on the iPad, iPhone and Mac in IA Writer App lets the writer focus on the point they are working on.

Writing Apps of 2020 AI Writer

Use for: small writing projects 


For writers planning to write a book or a novel, this app is the best suitable. This application is apt for longer forms of content. In comparison to the other writing apps, Scrivener has more writing features and facilitates the writers to manage their idea notes and writing projects efficiently. The application has both a desktop as well as a mobile version. The app allows the writer to highlight chapters and lines and also converts the book into an ebook format for self-publishing.

Best Apps for Writing Scrinever

Use for: manage idea notes, highlight notes, and convert book into an e-book for self-publishing

MS Word

Perhaps the oldest and the most sought after writing app, MS Word is an efficient and handy tool. Suitable for any content- long, short, story, article, novels, anything! MS Word has several pre-built templates that a writer can use his text on. Additionally, there are also features like text-to-speech, various keyboard short keys, Synonyms Lookup, Proofreading facilities, Researcher toolset, Word count and Spell check among others. The entire MS Office collection is best for a writer!

Best Writing Apps MS Word

Use for: for any content- long, short, story, article and novels

Google Docs

This is a perfect alternative to MS Word. A free writing app, this has many features for a writer like cross-device syncing facility, offline working mechanism and many other additional features, that too free. Google Docs also allows people to share and collaborate with content with other people. One can the work link with anyone the writer wishes, and they can automatically watch the words as they appear when you type them. This is undoubtedly an exciting feature! The changes to the Google Docs are automatically saved, and so the document is never lost. Google Docs can be accessed from any device and is available both as a desktop and mobile versions.

Google Docs Best Writing Apps

Use for: cross-device syncing and collaboration

So grab your keyboard and start typing quickly and beautifully by using the best writing apps of 2020! Did you enjoy reading this article? Do check out which are the best journaling apps of 2020