New OTT platforms keep merging, gaming platforms keep emerging, and there’s a new work email password to remember every few months. With so many accounts to handle all the time, you might do well to invest in some of the best password managers we have available online, just to make life easier without risking reusing the same password for all your many accounts. Choosing a password management software can be a big decision because you’re essentially giving them access to all your sensitive data willingly, which is why it’s good to consider investing in players who are currently at the top of their game, making this list of the best password manager for 2024 ideal for you.

There are a few free password managers available online but it is often harder to track who gains access to the data through those services. Investing in a secure password manager is the ideal way forward and so far, NordPass remains one of the best password managers we’ve seen so far. 

Better Safe Than Sorry: Take a Look at Best Password Managers to Invest In

Image – NordPass

Best Password Managers for 2024

A secure password manager is the top feature to look out for in any password protection software you use, but it isn’t the only consideration. Apart from its security protocols, a password manager should be able to support cross-platform logins, offer cloud storage, multiple users in case it’s for a business or family, etc. Additional services like VPN features or dark web security do not hurt either. Depending on how much time you spend online and the kind of content you access, you might have a greater need for additional security features that come with your password manager. 

These password managers are quite efficient at what they do and provide a comprehensive solution to the threats of the online world. These tools have free plans available for those only looking for the most basic management services on one device so you could look at signing up for a free plan as well. Let’s take a look at some of the best password managers in 2024. 

Best Password Manager Overall: NordPass

Price: Starts at $35.88 for a one-year plan (currently $23.88 for the first 1 year)

Family Plan: Starts at $71.88 for a one-year plan that supports 6 premium user accounts (currently $44.28 for the first 1 year)

Business Plan: Starts at $1.99 per user per month (10-user pack)

Free Trial: Free Access available for limited features/30-day premium trial

Encryption: XChaCha20

Nord as a company has long been known for its reliable security services and the online threat protection that it provides. NordPass, one of the many elements of the Nord services, is a mid-priced password management software that allows even beginners to have an easy time wrapping their heads around these services quickly. If you’re unfamiliar with password protection software but want to get started with securing your online presence, then NordPass is the best place to start with its easily navigable UI. 

Its range of biometric logins and multi-factor authentications provide decent layers of protection when presented with the risk of data theft but at the same time, the company’s zero-knowledge policy ensures the staff isn’t accessing your information at the back end either. The free password manager only takes care of storing passwords and auto-filling information but additional features remain off-limit. The premium plan of the password management software detects weak or reused passwords and scans the web, in general, to check for any data breaches, which is quite a helpful precautionary tool. NordPass is a great tool to consider for those who want to have their family covered as well.

Best Password Manager for Businesses: Keeper

Price: $34.99

Family Plan: $74.99 for 5 private vaults

Business Plan: Starts at $24 per user billed annually (5-10 users)

Free Trial: Limited Free Version/30-Day Keeper Unlimited Free Trial of Premium features

Encryption: 256-bit AES encryption

Similar to NordPass but perhaps more efficient at it, Keeper’s security features are quite comprehensive and include multi-factor authentication and biometrics as well as a zero-knowledge policy that can put you at ease. The features are quite easy to navigate through. What’s most interesting about Keeper is its efficient system for sharing passwords and logins with both those who do and don’t use Keeper as well. This makes it a very useful tool for businesses that need to provide access to different levels for specific employees or even contract workers who might need limited access. Its offline mode is also quite effective in allowing you to access the vault of data without internet access. Overall, Keeper is one of the best password managers you could invest in, in 2024.

Better Safe Than Sorry: Take a Look at Best Password Managers to Invest In

Best Password Manager for Families: Bitwarden 

Price: $10 (for 2 users)

Family Plan: $40 per year for up to 6 users

Business Plan: Starts at $4 per month per user (up to 10 users)

Free Trial: Free plan available as well as a 7-day free trial for premium plans

Encryption: AES 256-bit

Bitwarden Is one of the best password managers to consider due to its low price and its six-user family plan. The entire collection of health reports in addition to its emergency access contact feature make it a good solution for those who want to ensure their family’s accounts are protected without breaking the bank. Its internal family organization feature makes data sharing quite easy without compromising on each user’s private vaults. While the user interface is slightly outdated, it is quite up-to-date with its security measures, and its open-source code making its credentials easy to crosscheck. 

Unlike other free password managers that offer the bare minimum on their services, restricting either or both the number of passwords you can store as well as the number of devices you can use it on, Bitwarden offers more freedom. Even users of the free plan can store unlimited passwords on an unlimited number of devices, and while other features are still restricted, it is one of the best free password managers. 

Best Form-Filling Capabilities: RoboForm

Price: $23.88 per year

Family Plan: $47.76 per year for 5 users

Business Plan: Starts at $33.95 per user per year (up to 10 users)

Free Trial: Free version available/14-day trial to test the paid version

Encryption: AES256 bit encryption with PBKDF2 SHA256 

Just like the other password protection software in this article, RoboForm is very good at what it does. Its form-filling abilities are some of the best we’ve seen, which essentially means the manager is able to intuitively fill in your data whenever you need, for example when you’re signing up for a new service and need your details added in automatically. The local-only mode allows you to store your data on-device rather than on the RoboForm servers, and the secure sharing feature allows data transfers to other users of the platform. 

You can also store additional information on the RoboForm Safenotes tool which you don’t need through the login feature. According to the company, this can be used to store safe pins, ATM pins, financial data points, medication lists, insurance details, software activation codes, and our personal favorite, secret family recipes. The free password manager service by RoboForm is also quite good in case you don’t feel ready to invest in a paid plan just yet. The user interface of RoboForm is also quite well-designed, making it a very beginner-friendly option.

Most Well-Rounded Password Manager: Dashlane

Price: $39.93 per year

Family Plan: $59.88 per year for 10 members

Business Plan: Starts at $20 per month for 10 members

Free Trial: Limited-feature free version available as well as a 30-day premium trial

Encryption: AES 256-bit

Dashlane is something of a fan favorite when it comes to the list of bests, and this password manager is so celebrated for good reason. The password management software provides more advanced services in comparison to the other platforms and it does so without increasing the difficulty of use. The downside to that is its comparatively higher price but if you need one tool to handle all of your online safety needs, then it should be worth the expense for you. Dashlane’s host of services includes monitoring the dark web for any evidence of your data as well as a VPN service from Hotspot Shield that could cost you quite a bit if you paid for another service separately. For family use, Dashlane is only ideal for large families as the plan is quite expensive and covers 10 people for the amount you pay. 

Depending on your budget you could choose between any of these offerings as they are all some of the best password managers available right now. While NordPass has the benefit of being the most well-loved service, especially when paired with NordVPN, a service like Bitwarden might be a good place for its free services, following which you can make a much more informed investment on the paid plan for your family. With the number of malicious attackers out there, it might be a good time to have your passwords organized and update them regularly to ensure your data is well protected.