The market value of Bitcoin rose to more than $1 trillion recently. It occurred due to a combination of institutional buying and speculative hype that vaulted the digital cryptocoin value to new highs. By 2 pm EST on Friday, each Bitcoin stood at a value worth $55,400, 86% up in a year.

The investment in Bitcoin is magnum from every quarter. Earlier, global corporations like Tesla and software company MicroStrategy (MSTR) purchased Bitcoin as a part of their treasures. Financial organizations like Bank of New York Mellon (BK) look forward to holding Bitcoin for their customers. Global retail investors also purchase Bitcoin on financial apps like PayPal Holdings (PYPL) and Robinhood. It also leads asset managers and providers of exchange-traded funds to craft more new ways to purchase Bitcoin for people who want to trade through their active brokerage accounts.

The customers can buy Bitcoin from an exchange or treasure the coins themselves. Like, investment firm Purpose Investments recently launched the Purpose Bitcoin ETF (BTCC.Canada) on the Toronto Stock Exchange. The first day of the launch witnessed around 10 million shares being successfully traded, making it a magnum profitable highest-volume securities across Canada.

Many Americans are unable to purchase Bitcoin through their brokerage accounts. For instance, Charles Schwab (SCHW) allows its customers to trade active Toronto-listed securities. However, the customers cannot trade on non-U.S.-exchange-traded products like Canadian ETFs. The platform doesn’t have a U.S.-listed Bitcoin ETF, but several securities are structured as useful trusts that trade on various public markets. The biggest of them is the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC), which presently comprises $40 billion in assets. Another recently launched one is the Osprey Bitcoin Trust (OBTC). These trusts, unlike the ETFs, can trade within a high premium to their net asset values. This also brings in additional risks.

The central question that arises here is whether Bitcoin will maintain the gained momentum or whether the other existing digital assets will simmer its thunder! While Bitcoin is a unique cryptocurrency with a limited supply and extensive support from regulators, other crypto coins may become more effective and useful in the future.

A prominent investor called Dan Morehead believes in the growth of Bitcoin and also expects that other digital currencies will too rise in the future. He is the founder of Pantera Capital and initiated the first hedge fund in 2013 to invest directly in Bitcoin. He, however, also has many other fund investments in other parts of the crypto ecosystem. “It’s our view that Bitcoin will see a magnum growth over the next few years,” he stated. “But having said that, Ethereum and Polka Dot cryptocurrencies will also rise significantly! There will be a massive growth across all parts, and tokens that rise on top of the protocols will go up even higher.”

Ethereum digital currency is the second most valuable cryptocurrency and possess specific and unique programming capabilities. Polka Dot digital currency enables people to transfer assets from one blockchain to another without any hassles.