Last year Bose approached crowdfunding platform, Indiegogo to sell the prototype of its noise-masking gadget, Sleep Buds. In the experiment, Bose shipped 3,000 units of Sleep Buds earlier this year. After the successful campaign and improvising the tiny wireless earbuds, Bose has finally commercially released Sleep Buds worth $249.95 with an aim to put “an end to sleepless nights.”

Whether it’s a snoring, traffic, AC sound or loud neighbor, Sleep Buds with in-built noise-masking technology is a perfect partner for an undisturbed sleep. But wait, these wireless earbuds do not stream music or any other audio to cover-up the external noise. In fact, they play soothing music to ears and relaxes mind to help you fall asleep.

“There’s a whole host of things that prevent people from falling asleep or even staying asleep. What we really focus on is how noise impacts your ability to fall or stay asleep,” said Liz Dylewicz, Product Manager, Bose.

Brian Mulcahey, Category Director of Bose Wellness informs that:

60% of adults worldwide have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep or waking up.

79% of adults get fewer than seven hours of sleep each night. 30% get fewer than six hours.

25% of couples in the U.S. sleep in different rooms, most often due to a snoring partner.



Bose latest noise-masking gadget measures 0.94″ H x 1.06″ W x 0.56″ D and weighs only 0.081 oz (each bud). These tiny Sleep Buds nodule and soft StayHear+ Sleep comes in three sizes (S/M/L) in the box itself. The design is so precise and comfortable that they stay in the ears all night long even when if you are a side-sleeper or toss-and-turner.

Bose Sleep Buds

Bose is giving a convenient case to store the pair of wireless buds. Source: Bose

Bose Sleep App

For masking the noise, Bose has designed its own Sleep app that has ten pre-loaded soothing sounds such as rhythm of rolling waves or gentle rustle of leaves. The speaker company will add more sounds to the app through a software update in future.

After selecting the sound in the Bose Sleep app, the wearer just needs to set the volume level and determine a time duration for keep playing the music in the wireless earbuds.

Sleep Buds Bose wireless earbuds

Bose has designed its own Sleep app that has ten pre-loaded soothing sound. Source: Bose

Using the app, one can also set the wake-up alarm. Following its purpose, only the wearer would be able to hear the alarm from the Sleep Buds and no one else.

Battery Life

The noise-masking tiny device houses micro batteries that are made of silver zinc and are rechargeable. The Sleep Buds takes 8 hours to get a full charge. The battery life stretches up to 16 hours of use in a single charge.

And when not in use, the world-class speaker company is giving a convenient case to store the pair of wireless buds. The case dimensions are 1.06″ H x 3.03″ W x 3.03″ D weighing 3.93 oz. It is magnetized so to put the earbuds in place when traveling.

Moreover, it doubles up as a charging case for the earbuds that provide an additional full charged when unplugged. The case gets fully charged in 3 hours.

Bose Sleep Buds Availability

The Bose Sleep Buds are now available in the US and Canada at Bose stores, and select resellers. They will arrive in Asian and European markets in the fall.