When it comes to noise-canceling, Bose QuietComfort acoustic headphones are great. Users can testify to this fact. They do the task so well that you literally hear no noise at all. It is, therefore, true to say that Bose has gotten some pedigree in noise canceling. This proved reliable even when the idea of a consumer audio company fixing vehicle sound doesn’t go quite well.

Bose unveiled the QuietComfort Road Noise Control (RNC) technology for cars at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). According to Bose, the noise control focus will be on the reduction of vehicle noise right from inside its cabin. Conventionally, sound reduction approaches make use of physical tricks like thicker insulation or special tires. However, in direct opposition to them, Bose Road Noise Control will achieve its result using electronic means.

How does the Road Noise Control work?

Its working operation is quite interesting. The system uses the vehicle’s audio system, microphones, accelerometers, and Bose’s signal processing software to constantly measure the vehicle’s movement and vibrations that are noise-generating. The RNC system uses the vehicle’s sound system to send an acoustic cancellation signal to the cabin. With this, overall noise is thus reduced.

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones

Tiny microphones are inserted also in the vehicle just to ensure accurate performance of the operations. These microphones work to checkmate noise-levels. They also give allowance to the RNC system to adapt the cancellation depending on various conditions. This is really thoughtful and calculated.

John Feng, manager, Bose Automotive, Active Sound Management Solutions admitted that in noise control, large spaces such as cars are more difficult to control than the small areas around an ear. He affirmed that a lot of achievement has been recorded by Bose in terms of road noise reduction. These achievements he said give Bose an edge over other competitors.

What’s the future of Bose RNC?

All is set for Bose to begin a partnership with car manufacturers in order to implement RNC. However, RNC will not be seen in production models until 2021. When Bose RNC is eventually rolled-out, it will work in all vehicles not minded if Bose sound system is installed in them or not. This is contrary to the expectations of many, that the company will employ a Bose speaker only feature. So, the wider compatibility adopted by Bose happens to be an interesting surprise.

Based on the blueprint released, expectations are high of a great outcome. The idea is amazing and brilliant, but also being put into consideration is the fact that noise-canceling in a wide space is complex.  We will all have to wait and try out the RNC system when it’s out to see how good it truly is.