Braava Jet

Braava Jet, Image Credit: iRobot

First, we imagined ‘The iMom’ an eerie and creepy AI Robot as Nanny, and now it’s the time for ‘Braava’ as Kitchen maid.

Hold On! Before you jump to any conclusion, ‘The iMom’ was a fictional AI Robot, which had no real existence (Sigh! It’s a relief), whereas, Braava Jet, on the other hand, is a cute little robot (MOP BOT to be precise) that mops the kitchen and bathroom floors using cleaning pads laced with detergent and water sprayer to tackle general ickiness, spills, and grime.

Earlier this year, Roomba 980 was introduced by iRobot. It is an exceedingly handy and hefty vacuuming bot, which can be controlled using a smartphone.

Braava Jet Your Own Robo-Maid

Braava Jet

Braava Jet, Image Credit: iRobot

On the contrary, the Braava Jet, which also arrives from the house of Roomba manufacturers (iRobot), is for those breed of the human race that have a residence embellished in hardwoods and tile. Primarily built for bathroom and kitchen spaces, the cleaning capacity of this mop bot is limited up to 100-200 square-foot-ranges.

The navigation of Braava Jet bores every trademark of its predecessor Roomba’s algorithms for pathfinding. The little mop bot can scurry to and fro over a floor with aplomb and efficiency, and certainly has no issues while cleaning hard-to-reach areas like corners.

It is surely smaller than its predecessor, but the notable change in this mop bot introduced by iRobot is that besides being small and adorable, it is equipped with cleaning pads that are replaceable. It arrives with three different kinds of pads to mop sealed hardwood, tile, and stone floors.

No need for programming this robot maid at all. The Braava Jet can perfectly identify the type of pad being used. So all you need to do is fill mop bot’s back with some water, slot the cleaning pads and it will start working by spraying and then running over the floors.

If you’re thinking that the idea of replacing pads is quite expensive for a mere cleaning pad and harmful to our environment, rejoice a little. These pads are made up of microfiber, which is washable. You just have to remove from the slot after the scrubbing is done and clean them.

Braava Jet is now available on its parent website iRobot for $200. The mop bot will be available for sale at Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Amazon, and Best Buy from April 1, 2016.