3D printing and Augmented Reality are two of the most powerful technologies of this era. They’ve been together for a while now, and as Gartner Inc. suggests, they’re expected to continue hitting the headlines in future as well. The biggest innovations in 3D printing and AR technology have made these two respective names worth multi-billion dollar industry. For instance, 3D printing technology has stirred a new design wave in the Fashion industry. Similarly, Augmented Reality has managed to hook people to the mobile screens like never before. Yes, we’re talking about Pokémon Go. But let’s not focus there.

Here we’re talking about a remarkable Augmented Reality tool. Known as Shaper Origin, the device looks like one such revolutionary product. It has the potential to transform the entire way how we see the designing sector. Moreover, it’s as easy as making a drawing. Finding it hard to believe? Let’s check it out.

Shaper Origin – What is this 3D print Hype All About?

Shaper Origin Tool for 3D Print

For starter, Shaper is an augmented reality tool specifically designed to make the creation of things easier. In fact, it helps you turn into an interior designer. The question that arises is how?

This gadget, which resembles a coffeemaker, uses AR technology to help professionals and amateurs. They can precisely carve wood, few metals, carbon fibers, or plastic to build various items as per the requirements. The five-inch touchscreen will allow you to follow the digital design approach. Do not worry if you go off course, Shaper Origin will correct you.

To put it differently, you do not have to drive to IKEA anymore if you wish to buy a new table or stool. You can make it by yourself at home. Moreover, it offers a cheap alternative to extra expensive furniture.

Shaper works in a similar manner to that of a CNC machine. It can also slice items according to information sourced from digital files. Professional machines are as large as a truck. Moreover, they are very expensive. The latest version of CNCs can only slice smaller objects. Origin, on the other hand, can be used on any scale. One can design pieces of the house, giant dining table, etc.

Shaper – Let’s Discuss the Origin

Shaper Origin

To begin with, Alec Rivers is the founder of the AR 3D printing machine. He got this idea after discovering that he wasn’t able to even make a simple frame from tools. At that time he was pursuing a doctoral program at MIT in Computer Vision.

The San Francisco office of this startup is jam-packed with various objects designed using Shaper. These tools include a walnut speaker box, work tables, ornate jewelry, drones, and curved modern chairs. Recently, the company has designed a massive chicken coop.