Remote Control Apps have been one significant point of discussion in recent years. Apple, Samsung, Phillips, Sony, and many other tech giants at a point figured out the necessity of control mechanism via mobile applications. The falling rates and shrinking sizes of sensors and computer processors, paired with a proliferation of internet connectivity, is encouraging the growth of the IoT connected devices, basically a remote controller for everything. All time connected workplaces, connected cars, and connected homes.

Suppose you are lying on the couch for Netflix with a tub of popcorns and a beer bottle. You lose your remote control somewhere and are feeling too lazy to find it out. Don’t worry as there shall be no hassle about it. Pull out your smartphone and change the channel, which you prefer according to your need. Simple! Isn’t it?

These intelligent machines and devices, which can gather contextual information as well as monitor themselves, are a matter of first priority for this generation. From fridge and TVs to watches to industrial devices and even irrigation systems are blessed with remote controlled mechanism via mobile application nowadays. This revolution via IoT is majorly responsible for changing lives since last few years dramatically.

2015 is coming to an end; Technowize brings to you five best remote control apps that have kept users fascinated throughout the year. There are lots of specifications and features, which you might be aware of, and then there are many that you probably aren’t.

Five Best Remote Control Apps

How about taking a look and figuring it out? Maybe, by the time this year ends, you could install one of these and enjoy the extra perks of being a Smartphone user as well as born into this millennium. Am I Right?


Easy Universal Remote Control


Easy Universal Remote ControlThis gadget is exactly what the title implies; it is a universal remote controller. This should arrive as the first in your smart apps wish list because it can simply control any kind of television. The interface shows the basic information and the presentation are quite neat and clean without jumbling the entire screen. Similar to a real remote control system, the buttons in this app are placed at a very manageable distance and at correct positions for an easy access, so no question of flipping the channels accidently. The best part for your TV in this remote app is that you can navigate your Smart TVs via Smartphones that doesn’t possess IR blasters. You can navigate via Wi-Fi too. If your phone is having an IR blaster, then this is the best for you without Wi-Fi. This app uses your mobile’s IR port, which results in performance equivalent to that of a real electronic remote control. You can easily use it on your tablet or phone.

This fantastic application is available for Free.


Chromecast App


If you happen to be a cord cutter and use apps like YouTube, Hulu, and Netflix for your entertainment, you can use Chromecast to stream you entertainment channels to you Smart TV and this remote control to navigate what’s on your television. The HDMI protocol extension makes it easier for this app to control the given commands back and forth. It can easily control your Blu-Ray player, HBO Go, TuneIn, Allcast, Plex, iPlayer, WatchESPN, and much more. The functionality of pause and resume is the most desired feature of this controller, with the firmware update of 27946. The reporting of player state back to your mobile makes it possible for you to pause and resume according to your schedule.

This genius control app is available for free.


Xbox One Smart Glass


This app is your perfect companion for Xbox One. All you need to do is simply connect and navigate your Xbox. Stay connected with gamers and games, both in your playroom or wherever you go. This app adds a new dimension to the world of console entertainment with your Smartphone. It lets your Tablet or Smartphone work as a remote control system and the second screen to be used by Xbox one. SmartGlass keeps you updated with extra information for your favorite movies, games, and TV shows along with another media. It also allows remote management of your Xbox Live account and Xbox browser. For Xbox 360, a version of SmartGlass exists.

Using your mobile’s touch and keyboard navigate your Xbox one without any hassle. Using this app, you can control your set-top box and media. On TV, you can easily browse the web using this. With SmartGlass companions enhance what you are playing or watching. This is highly reliable with faster connecting speeds.

This marvelous app is available for free.


Smart IR Remote


This is simply the best universal remote controller. For all those looking for remote control apps, let me advise you, this is the front runner. This app can simulate anything, which sends IR remote commands. It can control a TV, Set Top Box, DVD, Blu-Ray, VCR, Amplifier, Air Conditioner, AV receiver, DSLR, and many more. More than anything else, it will combine your remote into a smart one providing you a custom remote, in which you will have your surround sound’s volume button, set top’s control buttons, and TV’s display button. It simply brings every kind of remote to your device. It has an amazing interface and easily adapts various situations, leaving you with an amazing experience.

This amazing application is available for $6.99



Image: Teamviewer

This app lets you turn your Smartphone into a remote terminal in order to access the desktop machine. It provides a secure, fast, and easy remote access to Linux, Mac, and Windows systems. With the help of this app, you can remotely control your computer system from anywhere; you can easily stay connected to your family, clients, friends, and colleagues. Remotely you can access all the installed apps and documents from your office desktop, and administer computers that are unattended, for example, servers. It provides support to multi-monitors at a time, real time video and sound transmission, very high-security standards, bi-directional file transfers, great gesture-based controlled system and what not.

This multi-functional app is available for free.

So, this was the list of top 5 remote control apps of 2015 according to our team. How about you? Still gawking at this article? Or, have you already started installing one or all of these?