Just as scheduled, the Silent Hill Transmission updates are finally here and Konami gave us a lot to talk about after its radio silence on what was going on with the Silent Hill 2 remake. The Silent Hill 2 remake trailer looks just as desolate and depressing as we wanted it to be and James Sunderland looks just as unhappy and wistful as we remembered. Most of the announcements were expected updates—we knew that the company was working on a few Silent Hill titles and another franchise movie was about to arrive on the big screens. Still, the Silent Hill transmission announcements have revived our excitement for the series with just the right touch of dread we’d been missing in our lives. 

Silent Hill 2 remake trailer

Silent Hill Transmission Updates

Kraków-based Polish video game developer Bloober Team is hard at work getting Silent Hill 2 read for release—that much was evident from the Silent Hill 2 remake trailer which gave us more insight into the gameplay, without revealing too much about the redesign. The Silent Hill transmission updates focused on the Silent Hill 2 Remake and not so much the other titles, but we did get some good news about Silent Hill: The Short Message.

Silent Hill: The Short Message Surpasses 2.5 Million Downloads

In less than six months since its release, the PS5 spin-off game has now surpassed over 2.5 million downloads. The full game is freely available for download and if you want to show off your love for the series to the world at large, you also have some nifty memorabilia you can buy now. The 1/6th scale Sakura head statue is available for preorders, and it “captures the fleeting beauty of the cherry blossoms and the fear and dread of being pursued through the Otherworld, felt by players everywhere.” 

The original soundtrack composed by Akira Yamaoka is available to stream on all your major platforms including TikTok, if that’s what floats your boat. With over 80 songs to choose from, you could have a very relaxing time revisiting the musical notes of the terrifying Silent Hill universe.

Silent Hill transmission announcement

Silent Hill 2 Remake Trailer Comes With Launch Details

The new Silent Hill 2 remake trailer gives us a 13-minute glimpse into some of the details we can see in the game. The iconic, show stopping Pyramid Head character unfortunately did not make an appearance so we’re still left to wonder how they handled its design. Still, the atmosphere submerged in unsettling fogs and staggering Bubble Head Nurses was enough to reassure us that they have indeed stayed faithful to the original in terms of design and conceptualization at least. 

The trailer begins with a “Welcome Home” message and it really does feel like we’re returning to something frustratingly familiar. Only James Sunderland would lie flat on a blood trail and crawl into the unknown with such disregard for what lies on the other side and that’s what makes him so interesting to play. Immediately, we’re confronted by vile visuals that would be upsetting for anyone unfamiliar with the series, but we’re fully onboard with the mystery and tragedy of it all. It does seem that fans are not as excited as we are about the quality of the remake. Some have pointed out the loss of detail and personality from the first game while others are disappointed by Maria’s wardrobe choices. 

We think the gameplay looks great and that we need to wait for its release to really understand how things have changed—so we’re not taking any final calls on the game yet. The Silent Hill 2 Remake is all set for launch on October 8, 2024, and it’ll be available on the PlayStation Store and Steam. You can preorder the game right now and there are different benefits you can receive by signing up early. 

Silent Hill 2 remake preorder

Pre-Order Options: Silent Hill Transmission Updates on Silent Hill 2 

If you pre-order the Standard Edition of the upcoming game, you’ll get a Mira the Dog mask to don in-game. PlayStation 5 players get an additional Robbie the Rabbit mask that they can wear around the terrifying town. If you pre-order the Deluxe Edition, you will receive a very funky Pyramid Head pizza box mask in addition to the other two for some variety in style. The bonuses also include the digital soundtrack and a digital artbook that features over 130 designs by the concept artist Masahiro Ito so you can explore the various intricacies of how the various game elements came to be.

More importantly, if you’re really impatient to get your hands on the game, the Deluxe Edition will also give you 48-hour early access to the Silent Hill experience, which would perhaps be the ultimate reason to pre-order now. The Bloober Team also jumped in to share their excitement about the game after the Silent Hill Transmission announcements, and it was nice to hear more details about what went into creating this gruesome experience for our enjoyment.

Gans Return to Silent Hill

The Silent Hill May 30 Event Also Brought Updates on Gans’ Return to Silent Hill 

As the Bloober Team works with Konami on the Silent Hill 2 remake, a movie is also being made based on the game. With experience working on the previous Silent Hill film, director Christophe Gans has taken charge of Return to Silent Hill, the movie. The team is going to work to retain crucial elements of the original series as well as the in-progress Silent Hill 2 remake. Actors Jeremy Irvine and Hannah Emily Anderson are working as the leads in the movies and they seem to understand and respect the expectations that have been placed on them to lead the franchise. 

Listening to Gans talk about Return to Silent Hill and how dancers and actors play the creatures is fascinating—it’s obvious that the unnatural body language of these terrifying monstrosities is not easy to mimic. The details only have us more excited to watch the movies as soon as it’s out.

Psychological horror can be very exciting when it’s done well and the Silent Hill Transmission announcements give us a lot to look forward to in terms of gaming and relaxing to a nightmare in theaters.