The Call of Duty Mobile 6: To the Skies update is finally here, and it’s bringing with it a lot of new content. We know, we know. We’re as excited as you are!

The Call of Duty franchise has been around for over 19 years. In that time, it has become one of the most popular video game series in history. The franchise is also known for its many iterations and spin-offs. But how well does this game hold up on Mobile? In this article, we will be looking at what we can expect from the latest installment, Call of Duty Mobile Season 6: To the Skies.

As usual, the game will be free to download and play, with in-game purchases available for those who want to advance quicker than their friends.

Call of Duty Season 6

The newest iteration of Call of Duty Mobile looks great so far, with some amazing graphics that really make you feel like you’re playing on a PC or console rather than on your phone or tablet device.

What’s new in COD Season 6?

With Call of Duty Mobile Season 6: To the Skies out now, we thought it would be a good time to give you some insight into what has come to pass in this new season.

COD Mobile Season 6: New Battle Pass

The Call of Duty Mobile Season 6 will include a brand new battle pass for its players. Users will be able to access both new and premium features. Some of the features will include charms, Call of Duty points, a new set of weapons, new operators, and so much more. For the free battle pass, gamers will be able to access an SMG at Tier 21, as seen on the official website. They will also receive additional benefits such as free camos and weapon blueprints. For the premium battle pass, there’s a lot of content to be accessed and additional rewards like the new weapon blueprints, the new KSP 45, and so much more.

COD Mobile Season 6: New Map

A new multiplayer map will be coming to COD Mobile this season. The name of the new map is “Favela.” Call of Duty Season 6 is providing a map that gamers can now enjoy with their friends. With the COD Warzone Mobile, players will have to fight through the Rio de Janeiro slums to kick off enemies. Remember to look out for snipers and other weapons that will be used by your opponents.

COD Mobile Season 6 release date

COD Mobile Season 6: New Jackal to Battle Royale

The Call of Duty Mobile will be getting some major additions with some jackals coming to the Battle Royale. You can now use jets to fight off and destroy enemies. In Call of Duty Season 6, players get fully functional jets with missiles, decoys, and a Gatling gun. They also get to see other players, like their opponents and their friends, while also flying their jets in the skies.

COD Mobile Season 6: Release Date

Call of Duty Mobile was launched on June 29 at 5 p.m. PT. Sales will be going live from July 3 to July 24, 2022. There will be discounts on various purchases, starting at 10% to 35% off on each of these days.


Call of Duty Mobile has gotten a major update, which is Season 6 by the name “To the Skies.” So what are you waiting for? We can’t wait to see how much fun everyone has when playing Call of Duty Mobile 6: To the Skies.