As kids, we pretended to talk over the phone by putting our fingers to our ears. This device has converted that childhood game into reality. Sgnl is a smart strap which enables one to make calls just at the touch of a fingertip. This smart strap turns any normal watch into a smart one by changing its strap. On doing so, this device can be connected to any smartphone and the user can receive calls by placing his finger on his ear. The Sgnl smart strap has left behind all Bluetooth devices which claim to make calling easier. This is indeed a hassle-free way to make calls without any disturbance.

The Thought behind the Sgnl smart strap

The CEO Hyunchul Choi developed the Sgnl smart strap on the basis of a simple idea. The work on this project began after he won Samsung’s C-LAB competition in 2014. The reason behind the idea was the inconveniences of the smart watch. Choi heard a colleague complaining that smart watches were an embarrassment as the people around were able to hear the conversation. This triggered a thought to him that maybe a device could be designed which would protect the privacy of the user and can connect to a smart watch as well. This thought served to be a foundation for the invention of the Sgnl smart strap. The idea was to use a human finger to transmit the sound. After this, he immediately proposed this project to Samsung’s internal corporate venture department and began working on it.

How does this device work?

This smart strap is a wearable device which allows you to make or receive calls by placing your finger on your ear. This strap can be put on a smart watch and even a normal one. In order to make this device work, the user has to connect it to his smartphone just like an ordinary Bluetooth device. Embedment of the ‘Body Conduction Unit’ is in this smart strap. Through this unit, audio in terms of vibrations is shot through the hand to the fingertip. On placing the fingertip to the ear, the lughole amplifies the vibration to make the sound audible. In order to respond to the call, a microphone is present in the Sgnl smart strap.

Call By Touching Your Fingertip To Your Ear

Producers of this device claim that this device is perfectly safe to use. This is in answer to the various concerns people have regarding radiation of harmful waves by the smart strap. Sgnl claims that it does not emit ultrasonic or electromagnetic waves, thus it is safe for the human body. Also, no outside disturbance affects this process of communication, making the audio clear and turbulence-free.

A major success on Kickstarter

The Sgnl smart strap is available on the crowd-funding site Kickstarter. Significantly, it has crossed its pledged goal of $50,000 and has already attained $1,186,498 with another ten days left for bidding. The lowest bid to own this device is of $139. The estimated delivery date is around February 2017. Recent tests prove that the advertisement of the device is close to the way it actually works. This has intrigued technology fans from all over the world.