As we shuffle closer to the MWC 2024 Barcelona event, we have a couple of ideas about what we can expect to see this time, including hints of the OnePlus Watch 2 battery being its top feature. After the CES 2024 event, the Mobile World Congress conference is the next big gathering of tech companies putting their best foot and shiny devices forward for the world to see. The OnePlus Watch 2 release date is scheduled for 26 February, which is the first day of MWC 2024 Barcelona, scheduled to go on till 29 February. The OnePlus Watch 2 battery life may or may not be the only feature we can look forward to right now, as little else is known about the upcoming device.  

Can the 100-Hour OnePlus Watch 2 Battery Life Finally Redeem the Smartwatch (1)

Image: OnePlus Community Announcement

Does the OnePlus Watch 2 Battery Promise 100-Hour Service?

That’s right, in an official community post, the OnePlus Watch 2 battery life was confirmed to be marked at 100 hours, which is impressive but not the best that’s out there. Converted to days, 100 hours would mean approximately 4 days of service without charging in between. The original OnePlus Watch had promised a 14-day battery life, 10 days by most estimates, but it didn’t particularly do too many things that would consume any of the battery. According to the company, the estimated duration of the OnePlus Watch 2 battery life has been calculated in an apparent “Smart Mode” which hasn’t been explained just yet. 

Does the battery life come at the price of functionality, the smart mode being some form of power-saving mode? That only disappoints more than it excites. Alternatively, we could hope that it means that the 100-hour battery life is available even with all its smart features turned on, but that seems like wishful thinking more than anything.

What is the OnePlus Watch 2’s Battery Capacity? Unclear

We don’t have answers to that one just yet. The 100-hour battery life appears to be all the company is willing to reveal before the OnePlus Watch 2 release date on 26 February. The other factors revealed about the device include the design and here we know that we are set to see two stainless steel devices with sapphire crystal watch faces and regular silicone straps. The two color options appear quite straightforward There appears to be one button for interactions with the device along with one scroll wheel, placed at quite an angle around the circular face. Apart from the weirdly angular side detail, the watch looks quite unlike a smartwatch but in a good way. The dial appears like a high-quality, watch face with a detailed screen so we’re quite interested to see how and where the “smart element is incorporated into the device.

Hoping For OnePlus Watch 2 Wear OS 4 Integration

Image: OnePlus Community Announcement

Hoping For OnePlus Watch 2 Wear OS 4 Integration

The  OnePlus Watch 2 MWC release has been a long time coming as the first OnePlus Watch was released about three years ago in March 2021. Despite the anticipation around it, the watch performed quite disappointingly, a “flagship killer” in the company’s own words. Since then, OnePlus appears to have been on a mission to do better, and the OnePlus Watch 2 appears to be the answer to that. Again the company has made no mention of whether it will actually incorporate Wear OS or stick to their internal operating system that performed quite poorly the first time around. 

The absence of a OnePlus Watch 2 Wear OS 4 could ruin the device’s chances of success this time around as well, so we’re hoping the company just incorporates the OS and brings an extensive list of features and capabilities this time. The Qualcomm’s Snapdragon W5 Gen 1 chipset could likely be confirmation of the presence of Wear OS 4 but we’re not going to get excited until we see it happen. 

All in all, the OnePlus Watch 2 battery life is considerable and could hint at a promising experience but not all by itself. There has to be more on offer with the smartwatch for it to be worth investing in, so all we can do is wait for the OnePlus Watch 2 MWC launch to finally understand why the company appears so excited. Celebrating the OnePlus Watch 2 as “Your Partner in Time,” the company is confident enough to state that they’re aiming to win the title of the Best Flagship Smartwatch of the Year this time. This makes us wonder about the exact specs of this device and how they can indulge in so much flowery language after the disappointing performance of the first watch—What do they know that we don’t?