Canon, the Japanese multinational company, finds something to keep us- the customers delighted always. This time they have come up with yet another new way to treat their customers. The Japanese camera maker company has recently unveiled its EOS M10 and G Series of camera in their latest lineup.

Canon G Series

These series of Canon Camera are carved with an excellence to offer a greater control and quality rather than a traditional cheap camera with point and shoot. The company has provided a brilliant range to choose from, the duo Canon G5X and Canon G9X. Last year, G7X and G3X from the same parent company marked its debut in the market. The latest arrivals are similar offspring. They arrive in 1-inch sensor that provides the same image quality as that of their predecessor. The only massive differences are the external features and size.

Canon G5XCanon G5X

The lens for Canon Camera G5X comes similar to its predecessor, which is f/1.8-2.8 24-100mm, processed in G7X. The camera has internal processor Digic 6. The external additions include flash/microphone, extra dial to control exposure, and a rotating LCD. Canon G5X attributes an inbuilt OLED of 2.36 million dot Electronic Viewfinder, making it a meatier one than the rest. Electronic Viewfinder makes shooting in a bright light, easy and provides stability while holding the camera towards an individual’s face. The popularity has grown day by day for the EVFs, and it is about time that Canon had to include one in its flagship devices.

The device will cost you $800.

Canon G9X

PowerShot Canon G9X

The size of Canon G9X is similar to Canon’s Powershot range- S100 and S120. This is a compact Canon Camera that will easily fit into your pockets. The processor and sensor are similar as that of its G Series twin- G5X. There won’t be any LCD because of the smaller size. The lens for this camera will be f/2.8-4.9 24-70mm. The number of dials and buttons will be less. It comes in a very well –designed menu and with lens surrounded by control rings. It carries out tasks based on the functions operated along with the settings and mode.

The device will cost you $600.

Both these devices will be ready for shipping by the end of this month.

Canon EOS M10

Canon EOS M10

This is a Canon Camera designed for beginners. The EOS M10 comes with an 18- MP CMOS APS-C sensor, and an enhanced version of the image processor Digic 6. It is almost similar to its high-end predecessor EOS M3, the greatest mirror less camera by Canon till date. There is a Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity that controls the sharing and camera via an application, Hybrid CMOS AF II autofocus (49-Point) system, and a continuous shooting mode of 4.6 fps. Rotating LCD is present, the lens of this camera is 18-55mm and it arrives in two shades for camera body- namely black and white.

The device will cost you $600.

It will be ready for shipping by November end.

It’s no wrong when they quote Canon- Delighting you always.