Hulu launches ‘Watch Party’, a co-viewing feature for subscribers

Pandemic being a hurdle in co-watching shows? Hulu has got it sorted for with its ‘Watch Party’ feature which allows…

4 hours ago

Healthcare startup Neuroglee earns $2.3 million to develop revolutionary digital therapeutics

A cure for dementia has been found and Neuroglee a Singapore healthcare startup has earned $2.3 million to develop digital…

4 hours ago

Foxconn to Shift Production of iPads and Macs to Vietnam

Apple is planning to move production of some of its iPads and MacBooks to Taiwan, according to a Reuters report.…

1 week ago

Meet the Cyborg Soldiers of Tomorrow

Biotechnology and human-machine interfaces are both ready for large advancement sooner rather than later. This is confirmed by innumerable breakthroughs…

1 week ago

Apple and Facebook slug it out over privacy issues and data sharing

Social media leader Facebook and the presiding deity of the devices market, Apple, are trading charges about privacy infringements in…

2 weeks ago

Facebook Adds Disappearing Messages To Messenger And Instagram

Social media giant Facebook introduced 'vanish mode' feature on Messenger and Instagram tools. With this feature, a user can send…

2 weeks ago

Virgin Hyperloop makes the first human passenger test

Virgin Hyper pod passes with flying colors in its first passenger test.

3 weeks ago

Former Apple Engineers go public with 4D Lidar Chip company Aeva through SPAC

Aeva Inc., leading provider of 4D Lidar Chip, plans to go public throughout the special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) route.

1 month ago

Jack Dorsey Gets Endorsement from Committee to Continue As CEO of Twitter

An independent committee of Twitter’s board, including a representative of the hedge fund Elliot Investment, said Monday in a securities filing…

1 month ago

Sony’s ‘Crunchyroll’ Acquisition To Cost Over $957 Million

The Crunchyroll acquisition will offer Sony unlimited access to the U.S. animation-streaming service’s 70 million members worldwide, allowing the Japanese…

1 month ago