Stockholm-based virtual office start-up Teemyco raises $1m to meet the surge in demand

Swedish virtual office start-up company Teemyco is bringing virtual office spaces for organizations where co-workers can interact online and mingle.

2 weeks ago

Blackstone bags Ancestry in $4.7 billion deal

Investment firm Blackstone recently announced that it was purchasing a majority stake in the direct-to-consumer genetics company Ancestry from the…

1 month ago

NVIDIA in talks to buy ARM for $32 billion

Tech company Nvidia Corporation is at the stage of advanced talks to get Arm Limited under its wing. Arm Limited…

2 months ago

Twitter hack raises serious questions about its security

Social network platform and micro-blogging site Twitter says that several hackers compromised high-profile accounts due to access to internal tools…

2 months ago

Neuralink Update: Elon Musk says Neuralink device could cure depression

Elon Musk gives us some new insights that there will be an announcement about his brain-computer interface start-up Neuralink’s next…

2 months ago

Sony picks minority stake in Epic Games, makers of Fortnite

Sony has invested $250 million in Fortnite developer Epic Games and picked up a minority stake in the gaming company.…

2 months ago

U.S. government considers banning TikTok

United States plans to ban TikTok as it puts the private information of the citizens' in the hands of the…

2 months ago

Study: Only 18% of Students Are Learning About AI Ethics

A recent study of 2,360 data science students, academics, and professionals by software firm Anaconda states that only 15% of…

3 months ago

Intel teases Xe GPU from Intel’s Folsom Labs

Intel's graphics head Raja Koduri took to Twitter to tease Folsom Lab's all new Xe dGPUs, named as the Big…

3 months ago

Qualcomm Launches New Snapdragon 690 Processor

US-based chipmaker Qualcomm Company has unveiled its next 5G chipset, the Snapdragon 690, making it the first product in its 6-series chips.…

3 months ago