New Tech Contact Tracing Applications of 2020

With these advanced technological world, preventing people from Covid-19 has become easier with these efficient and accurate contact tracing apps.

5 days ago

MBTI app analyzes your Myer-Briggs personality based on your Reddit history

The app gives the Myer-Briggs personality report by evaluating the person's Reddit history.

1 month ago

Google Stadia is now compatible on the iPhone and iPad

Know how to play Google Stadia on your iPhone and iPad. Google Stadia is now compatible on the iPhone and…

2 months ago

Build Apps for Foldable Devices

Learn the features and things that go into creating applications for foldable devices.

2 months ago

Pennsylvania launches contact tracing app built on Apple and Google tech

Pennsylvania is the new US state to use the contract tracing technology in Apple and Google.

2 months ago

Vindex to invest $300 million to build eSports gaming arenas in US

Vindex's vision is to build an eSports gaming ecosystem by providing the physical infrastructure along with a platform for publishers and…

4 months ago

Video Chat Apps to Stay Connected If You’re Social Distancing : Video Chat Platforms

Video chat apps have become extremely popular. Video chat apps are seeing a spike on the app charts. They are…

8 months ago

Feel Good Apps You Should Check out in Sulking Mood

Staying happy is crucial for everyone out there. In this modern time, people are living their life luxuriously but without…

8 months ago

Beauty Apps To Enhance Your Beauty And Looks

Beauty is more natural to attain. Be it trying to match the hair with a specific color, selecting a cosmetic…

9 months ago

Best Spy Apps for iPhone

While we don’t condone spying on anyone’s personal iPhone, there are several legitimate reasons where some of these free spy…

11 months ago