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Fortnite Winterfest Leaks: Features, enhancements and more

Relish the Christmas-y version of Fortnite. Get a sneak peek into the new features and updates from Fortnite Winterfest leak.

1 day ago

Cyberpunk 2077 pre-orders No. 1 on Steam ahead of December launch

The Cyberpunk 2077 game ranking rose by eight places from No. 9 every week. The boost was significantly driven by…

3 days ago

Eero Pro 6 and Eero Pro: Which Router Should You Invest in And Why?

Both these routers namely Eero Pro and Eero Pro6 are highly robust and compact when compared. However Eero Pro 6…

1 week ago

Technowize Celebrates the Best Apps for the Year!

The world is rapidly transforming into a digital space, and 2020 is the year of the digital transformation! Communications and…

1 week ago

New Tech Contact Tracing Applications of 2020 : Contact Tracing Apps

With these advanced technological world, preventing people from Covid-19 has become easier with these efficient and accurate contact tracing apps.

2 weeks ago

Best Augmented Reality Apps of 2020

Augmented Reality apps which can do wonders and eradicate your loneliness especially during playing games. These are some of the…

2 weeks ago

A Look at the Best VR Apps of the Year

Virtual reality is not only for gaming; nowadays, it is for a variety of apps. VR headsets are used in…

2 weeks ago

Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate Rambo vs. Terminator Gameplay

Be a part of the two Hollywood giants Arnold Schwarzenegger and Slyvester Stallone’s virtual show down with the launch of…

2 weeks ago

Nvidia RTX 20 series GPUs: Features and Specifications

Looking for ideal gaming experience? Check out the functionalities and specs of these newly launched Nvidia RTX 20 series.

2 weeks ago

Review: Xbox series X and S launch Games

These are best games launched on xbox series x and s. Technowize has thoroughly reviewed these games for perfect gaming…

2 weeks ago