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Marvel’s Avengers to get the much-awaited V-1.3.0 patch

Marvel's Avengers will get the new patch that would fix the bugs haunting it since launch.

2 days ago

Samsung One UI 3.0 (Android 11): The robust pre-beta for the Androids

All you need to know about the Samsung One UI 3.0 and the list of phones will have the package!

6 days ago

GeForce Now or Google Stadia- the Powerful and User-friendly among the two!

With improved gaming features and resolution tactics, which among GeForce and Google Stadia would you choose for your remarkable gaming…

7 days ago

Oxygen OS 11 Open Beta 1, based on Android 11, is now live for OnePlus phones

OnePlus unveiled the Oxygen11 Open Beta 1 powered by Android 11. The company introduced the first preview of the much-awaited…

2 weeks ago

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition

The remastered edition has improved action-RPG classic features, enhanced visuals, fresh content, and online multiplayer with crossplay.

2 weeks ago

Stanford scientists built a hydrodynamic treadmill for microscopic water creatures

A team of researchers at Stanford University have created a tiny “hydrodynamic treadmill” to observe tiny creatures under the microscope.

3 weeks ago

Starlink satellites in London, Paris, and Seattle: Get timings and details here

In the grand development of SpaceX, people will view Starlink satellites in the night sky. The satellites will boost high-speed,…

3 weeks ago

Nanorobots could one day be injected into human bodies

Scientists at Cornell Univeristy have created nanorobots that could be injected into human bodies to perform surgery effectively.

4 weeks ago

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Trailer is HERE

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War trailer is here and it’s gaining popularity in the gaming community for its…

4 weeks ago

Microsoft to bring touch control to all Windows 10 Devices

Microsoft is working on an input mode trigger that will allow an advanced computing system to treat inputs from a…

1 month ago