IBM unveils 2 nanometers chip, opening the door for higher, efficient tech performance

IBM announced a breakthrough in semiconductor design by developing the world's first 2 nanometers (nm)chip. Semiconductors are the heart of…

4 days ago

California car regulatory authority reveals Tesla’s FSD not ready for autonomous driving

A California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) memo says that Tesla Inc has told the regulatory authority that it may…

6 days ago

Dell releases firmware patch to fix security bugs in hundreds of computers dating back to 2009

A recent security patch released by Dell fixes a vulnerability affecting many Dell computers manufactured since 2009. The security loophole…

1 week ago

Apple faces lawsuit for knowingly selling defective cable

Apple is facing a class-action lawsuit for knowingly selling its defective 2016 MacBook Pro display cables. Judge Edward Davila ruled that "Apple…

1 month ago

Altra Torin IQ smart shoes help you run better and safer

In recent years, wearable technology has expanded its reach with disruptive innovations that have got more personal. It has changed…

3 months ago

Minisforum U820/U850 Review

COVID-19 pandemic saw a dramatic rise in computers and laptops' sales with people working from homes and people trapped in…

3 months ago

Raspberry Pi launches a $4 microcontroller with a custom chip

Raspberry Pi microcomputers are one of the efficient machines available. They can be used for anything, be it for homemade…

4 months ago

10 Most Powerful Rockets Ever Built

Falcon Heavy is the most powerful rocket on Earth at present; find out the others that stand next in the…

4 months ago

Atomos Launches New Neon 4K HDR Monitor Recorders

Get the latest tech news about the world's latest hardware on the nation's fastest-growing tech magazine, Technowize.

6 months ago

Apple launches 3 new Macs powered by in-house M1 chip

Apple unveiled three new Macs on Tuesday, powered by its own M1 chip, which it had announced earlier.

6 months ago