You gotta agree that cats are some mysterious (and sassy) creatures. Each meow seems like a hieroglyph, minus the Rosetta Stone. We know it means something, but what? Thanks to Temptations’ Catterbox, now you can know what each meow says.

Don’t you wish that you could understand what your little fluffy friend is trying to say, especially when the yowling won’t stop till 2:00 am? A meow translator can sure come handy in such situation. Well, your wish is granted with the launch of Catterbox, which is engineered to translate every meow in words, so that you can know exactly what your kitty is talking about. (Beware; sometimes they say really mean things that you don’t want to hear!)

The talking cat collar is created by a London-based ad agency adam&eveDDB and Temptation Lab, and includes a microphone, speaker, WiFi and Bluetooth technology. It actively captures your cat’s meows and then translates them into human speech, giving you words which they may or may not be trying to say.

Cats are known for being sassy, and with this talking cat collar, it just adds more drama to it. Now you can know why your cat doesn’t want to cuddle or runs away every time you pick her up. (Maybe you need to consider taking a shower!) Of course, we are not sure about the accuracy of the Catterbox, but still it can be a fun way to get to know your cat better.


The 3D printed collar comes with a companion app, which allows you to change the type of human voice that might be associated to your cat’s translated meows. The collar comes in four different tints – black, yellow, blue and teal, so you can pick the one that you or your kitty likes. The 3D printed collar that is coated in rubber lacquer was launched in the United States and New Zealand on 28th of April.

Phoebe should consider buying this cat collar to know exactly what they were feeding to the Smelly Cat!

Someone please come up with something for dogs too!