Head-Up Display

It is almost surprising that having a head-up display in bike helmets are not common by now. The technology to show important data into the driver or pilot’s field of view has been in existence since a long time in both automotive and aviation industries. In an initiative to offer this technology in future for motorcycles, pre-development procedures have been conducted, where an innovative head-up display functionality was fitted in a BMW Motorrad.

The German luxury automobile manufacturer showcased BMW Head-up display at the CES 2016 in Las Vegas. The car manufacturers have made sure not to leave bikers behind in the dust.

BMW introduced a concept helmet having a head-up display, which projects desirable and important traffic and the information of vehicle into the driver’s view field. This allows the driver to maintain continuous observation regarding road traffic, without any distractions. Applying this piece of technology into the world of motorcycles, and introducing the BMW head-up display could prove to be beneficial, by maintaining rider’s focus on the road.

All displays onto the panel are freely and ideally programmable, to offer the best support for the safety purpose of a rider, and only the data, which is relevant and needy according to the situation will appear on the screen.

BMW Display A Sci-Fi Concept Helmet

The options on the display comprise of information relevant to safety, such as information regarding motorcycle’s technical status, for instance, oil level, fuel level, tyre pressure, selected gear, travel speed, road sign recognition, speed limit, and warnings for dangers ahead.


Having a vehicle-to-vehicle method of communication in future, might make it possible to display real-time information, for instance sending out warning for impending hazards. Moreover, such display system allows the content visualization, which is designed to boost the comfort level of a rider.

The concept helmet also offers several fascinating possibilities for turning the experience of highly emotional bike riding into safer and intensive at the same time. With this technology, one can easily visualize the other motorcycle riders in a group, enabling the rider to get the information about his companion whenever he wants to. The helmet is equipped with loudspeakers and mini-computers, and it is controlled by using the multi-controller of BMW Motorrad in the handlebar situated on the left-hand. Operating cameras allow riders to select the information they want for display.

Surely this helmet is one of the most highly anticipated tech products for bike riders across the world.