Sun is a vital source of energy on earth. It offers clean and safe energy for us. Sun follows the nuclear fusion reaction process which is a clean energy option and has been under the target of every physician for the last many decades. The main issue is to control the high performing fusion plasmas and nuclear reactor which holds immense power from the core of its device.

Now news has been coming from China that they have reached the final stage of making an “Artificial Sun” which will be commissioned in the year 2020. Duan Xuru, the head of the Southwestern Institute of Physics and a vital part of the project that has been commissioned since 2006, revealed that “Artificial Sun” is in its final stage and will be operational by the year 2020. He has further revealed that the new device will reach a temperature of 200 million degrees Celsius which is around 13 times hotter than the core of the Sun. The device is called HL-2M Tokamak and it is expected to harness the power generated by nuclear fusion which will provide limitless clean energy to people.

China’s Artificial Sun Will Be Operational in 2020

This will help in overcoming the environmental issues and concerns that have been raised over some time. In addition to that, one of the biggest issues that have surfaced is the development of the commercial fusion reactor. Along with the requirement of high technological inputs, it is needed that the fusion reactor’s development and running could continue to stay feasible and cost-effective. This way several issues are faced by scientists who are developing fusion nuclear reactors.  Many of the people have also raised concerns that the failure in this test could lead to the loss of huge public money.

Now the question arises what do we need an Artificial Sun? Many of us believe that making a nuclear fusion reactor and developing an Artificial Sun could result in risking the lives of every single person on earth. However, the tests and recent developments have proved that making a nuclear reactor that supports fusion reaction and develops an Artificial Sun is completely viable. Although the risks associated are still at large.

Now if we look in the past, then it was considered risky to go in space and reach the moon. Many people condemned at that time that such actions and activities could affect the lives of the people who will travel in space. Later it became a milestone in human history and the efforts made by the daring Astronauts helped the human enter space, reach the moon and now they are soon to be on their way to Mars. Similarly, making an Artificial Sun could help in solving the global problem of power and pollution. An Artificial Sun will illuminate lights and deliver power to the human race at a certain low cost and that too for the longer period. However, the need of the hour is to support our scientists to move ahead in developing technology that could ascertain the development and growth of the human race without affecting the natural environment on Earth which is our only home.