Your search for the most comprehensive Christmas Tech Gift Guide ends here. It’s again that time of the year, when we indulge ourselves into revelry and merrymaking. These are the times when you can feel the festive mood in the wintry air. Amidst fallen leaves lying across the snow laden roads, we await for Santa Claus to arrive in his iconic sledge run by nine reindeers. Probably the best of times, with love galore in our surroundings. 

This is also the time when we kickstart a long festive season. Often, people become Santa to spring a surprise or two for their near and dear ones. It’s the time of the year, when the search for gifts reaches sky high. From chocolates to pencils, and books to jackets, and what not! The list of Christmas gifts is quite long and varied.

Among the array of options, tech gifts too, have gained a huge popularity over the years, which is only growing with the passage of time. Here, at Technowize, we present before you our curated list of ‘Christmas Tech Gifts 2022’. 

Christmas Tech Gift Guide: Absolutely Tailor-Made 

Making choices is always difficult in life. If there’s a dearth of options, then it becomes even more difficult. On the other hand, if you embrace a problem of plenty, then also the case becomes quite complicated. But when it comes to choosing the best tech gifts for Christmas, the riddle stands on a different pedestal altogether. 

You might be scratching your head while failing to understand what you should give to your tech savvy friends this Christmas. We have analyzed all the options available in the market and crafted this completely tailor-made list for you. For, you need to choose different tech gifts for different people. Though one thing might be common among them that they all happen to be fond of tech, they come with very different personas and this calls for very specific gifts. 

It’s true that the very gesture of presenting a gift to your beloved person during Christmas eve, is itself an act of love and celebration of friendship. The nature of the gift doesn’t matter in the first place. Nor does its price or anything whatsoever. But if you can present a gift that immediately strikes a chord with the concerned person, then there couldn’t be anything better than that. Hence, here is a special ‘Christmas Tech Gift Guide’, which comprises customized options for people with different choices. Let’s go through it right away as you are hastily trying to jot down your to-do list for the upcoming Christmas shopping. 

For the Game Nerd: Steam Deck

Most of us grew up playing games and many of us still remain glued to the mobile screens, laptop, pad, tablet, TV set or a Switch. Even after moving to the late twenties or the wrong side of thirties, the gamer within us, refuses to give up the overpowering zeal to score a brilliant goal in FIFA, unlock their most awaited legend card in eFootball 23 or try the co-op mod in Elden Ring

Children love to play games and to be very honest, the child inside us, never dies. Therefore, despite us growing up, it refuses to hand over the joystick to the next fella. Aborting a mission midway or leaving a game of football while the match is heading towards the dying minutes, is a must no-no. 

When it comes to the game nerds in our close circles, nothing can beat the heat of the new Steam Deck. Valve Corporation’s ‘all-in-one portable PC gaming’ device. The dream of enjoying the real feel of PC gaming in a handheld, lightweight gadget, has just come true. 

Best Tech Gifts for Christmas

Though Nintendo Switch was already there, Steam Deck is the first of its kind to give you the taste of real PC gaming in such a portable, handheld device. [Image Credit: Steam Deck]

The refreshingly new Steam Deck happens to be the ultimate tool which unlocks the doorway to heaven for a crazy gamer. It happens to be a gem of a gaming gear which unravels an adrenaline overdose as you can even install windows on your Steam device. 

The gadget which came out to run riot through the global gaming community, has already won millions of hearts across the globe. It has also managed to bag several prestigious awards in its kitty like the ‘Best Gaming Innovation’ in the Tom’s Guide Awards 2022

Your dream Steam Deck runs on the in-built Steam OS and curates all your downloaded games seamlessly on the Steam Deck Library. The ‘world’s most powerful, full-featured gaming handheld device’ has a 7-inch-long touch-sensitive screen. It’s an easy-to-interact device as the Steam UI looks quite impressive and sails smooth thanks to the capacitive multi-touch display. 

In addition to all these, you get an optically bonded IPS LCD aimed at enhancing readability with a resolution of 1280 x 800px (16:10 aspect ratio), and a refresh rate of 60Hz. With this gaming monster at your disposal, you can dive into an immersive gaming journey for 5-6 hours on an average, after a single full charge. 

This cool, trendy gaming device is extremely lightweight, as it weighs only 669 grams. Moreover, it brings a lot of added perks on the table. The joysticks are almost the size of Xbox controllers and have quite a comfortable grip which does away with all the slipping worries. 

It became an instant hit with gamers as soon as it hit the stores and the widespread popularity has been only on a sharp rise (even pretty recently, it came to light that Tesla is launching Steam in its cars) with the passage of time. Though Nintendo Switch was already there, Steam Deck is the first of its kind to give you the taste of real PC gaming in such a portable, handheld device. 

In a nutshell, this could well be the most perfect gift for your gamer friend. You can place your order with the official website of Valve Corporation itself. Though it was only available in the US and Canada in the first place, now it is up for grabs in many regions around the world. 

The pocket-pinch for the STEAMing hot device is $399, which is comparatively cheaper than a PS5 or a Xbox. Don’t look anywhere else and present your game maniac friend with the amazingly brilliant portable PC gaming companion called Valve Steam Deck

For the Bibliophile – Kindle Scribe

There’s an old saying in French, which translates to ‘Tell me the books you read, I will tell who you are’. Books have been an integral part of human civilization and the very choice of them, continue to shape human personas. 

Over time, the reading habit in general has changed. Though many of us still prefer reading books in the classic way – delving deeper with physical copies, there are numerous individuals who have partially or completely shifted to digital versions, which are known as eBooks. 

For many avid readers, touching a book, flipping through the pages, inhaling the intoxicating smell of freshly minted paper and adding a bookmark, is a must. Also, there are people who have a habit of underlining their favorite lines, making notes on the bottom of pages or even sketches and scribbles. 

On the other hand, a lot of book lovers now read soft copies of their favorite titles on iPads, tablets, laptops, smartphones and dedicated eBook readers. The formats too, vary a lot – PDF, .mobi, ePUB etc. But several studies and various reports have revealed that our smartphones emit blue light, which is capable of affecting our eyes, if the exposure is high and continuous (substantial usage on a regular basis). The same applies to laptops and tablets. Hence, the longer the screen time, the stronger the effect on our eyes. 

Therefore, when it comes to choosing the right gift for your bibliophile friend, try something new that would take care of this aspect. There are lots of eBook readers readily available in the market, which are specially designed to cater to your online reading requirements. But not all of them tick the boxes related to safety. Moreover, it must enhance the reading experience to the pedestal of effortless and maximum. 

In this particular regard, Amazon’s Kindle has done wonders and today, it’s a name for itself. The Kindle made its dream debut back in 2007 and since then, has lured millions of readers across the globe to read eBooks in a manner that recreates the pleasure of reading paperbacks and hardcovers, in its own way. 

The new Kindle Scribe not only manages to successfully uphold that long legacy of arguably the no.1 eBook reader series in the world, but also brings an array of enhanced features along with a swashbuckling new one. 

Christmas Tech Gifts 2022

Thanks to the massive upgrade that has taken place, the all-new Kindle Scribe allows you to write on it. This helps it to qualify as a great companion for not only bibliophiles but also for research scholars. [Image Credit: Amazon]

Alike the earlier ones, this new E Ink Kindle from Amazon too, makes e-reading a very pleasant exercise. It doesn’t at all give any sort of stress to your eyes and tries to emulate the feeling of reading real books to some extent. Much like the Paperwhite editions, it comes with in-built light for hassle-free night reading. 

The reason behind people preferring tablets for reading is the fact that they allow them to write or take notes through stylus or smartpens. Now, the new Kindle Scribe will not only give them a serious run for money but also edge past by more than fine margins. For, with the new Kindle at your side, you will be able to unlock a gem of a device, which is much more than a mere eBook reader.

Until a while ago, in the illustrious journey of Amazon Kindles, you could only read. Yes, one must admit loud and clear that Kindles have elevated eBook reading to a whole new experience altogether. Interestingly, these days, many titles are released solely as Kindle books. This phenomenon speaks volumes about the astounding popularity of Amazon Kindle and highlights the paradigm shift that has taken place almost silently over the last couple of years. 

Thanks to the massive upgrade that has taken place, the all-new Kindle Scribe allows you to write on it. This helps it to qualify as a great companion for not only bibliophiles but also for research scholars. With effortless ease, you can take notes, mark your PDF files and write on your own docs thanks to the pen that comes with it. 

Amazon itself claims that users will be able to enjoy a journey that is never like before courtesy of a device that is an absolute rarity, “Writing on Kindle Scribe feels like writing on paper. From the natural grip of the pen in your hand, to the sound you hear when you write, Kindle Scribe’s surface is crafted for the best possible reading and writing experience.”

The research scholars or students or a bibliophile can feel free to move with the Kindle Scribe without any kind of hesitation, as it boasts of full-proof protection against direct sunlight. Moreover, it is extremely lightweight in nature and grabs the eyeballs for its smart, sleek look and minimalist design. It even surpasses the smart and stylish Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition, which was released last year, in terms of features and overall performance. 

The new Kindle Scribe comes with a decent price-tag of $372.37 and can be grabbed easily from Amazon itself. You can bank upon it as the perfect tech gift for your bibliophile friend, this Christmas.  

You can take any of these two best tech gifts for Christmas to share love with your beloved ones, in the form of special, tailor-made gifts. For, there’s no great happiness in the world than to see joy and a big smile on the face of your near and dear ones, during the times of festivity. We will come up with follow ups to this Christmas Tech Gift Guide from time to time. Merry Christmas!