Google Inc. is not only the domain you consult in all kinds of problems in life but also a globally renowned tech giant which comes up with some of the best technological equipment innovated. After Apple’s flagship smartphone, Google Pixel is giving it a cut-throat competition with slightly better features along with a user-friendly interface. The launch of these smartphones had created a huge stir on a global scale. In the anticipation of this launch, the focus from Google’s Chromebook Pixel has wavered. This laptop range is all set to make another entry in the market by the end of this year.

This isn’t the first ever model of the laptop range by Google. The first model was released in 2013 which was followed by the Chromebook Pixel 2 in 2015. Within a year of its launch, the tech giant discontinued the sale of this laptop. This means that after around two years, Google is finally bringing out the next model of its laptop range. Such a lunch was expected from the tech giant at its hardware event last year but it didn’t happen. This has increased the anticipation of the release. If rumors are to be believed, the laptop launch will take place with that of the latest Pixel phone.

Chromebook Pixel

The software of this laptop will be an amalgamation of Chrome along with Android.

Chromebook Pixel launch at the next hardware event

There is a common mindset wherein the layman has trust on any technological device developed by Google. And up until now, Google has retained the trust as well. In the annual hardware event by Google this year, one might witness the launch of Chromebook Pixel along with a smaller version of the Google Home Smart Speaker. Accompanying these two new gadgets will be another two models of the Google Pixel. There are rumors that the new Home Smart Speaker might come with the features of a Wi-Fi router as well.

There are further speculations that the updated Chromebook Pixel might come with a new wacky keyboard. The design of this wacky keyboard was initially discovered in one of the patents by the company. It may also consist of the first ever fingerprint sensor on this laptop range. The software of this laptop will be an amalgamation of Chrome along with Android. This is in order to make the most of both these operating systems. The price of the Chromebook Pixel is not out yet. But the smaller Home Smart Speaker will be available at the price of $130.