As a successor of the original Coros Vertix that launched back in 2019, this Coros Vertix 2 brings more functionality features and better use of the apps. This watch is great for the outdoors and it can be a good companion on hiking, jogging, or discovering the rough terrains. You can also use it in water because it has a 10 ATM water-resistance rating. 


Vertix 2 has removable straps and a touchscreen with an LCD panel. It weighs 89g and it has a 50.3mm case. The watch is big and it comes with a large bezel that can withstand extreme temperatures. 

The housing is made of a titanium alloy, and the overall durability is increased with PVD coating. You will also find a sapphire glass screen that is combined with the titanium alloy bezel. This kind of design ensures great durability and strong performance. 

Coros Vertix 2 multisport watch

The night mode of Vertix keeps the backlight on when you do workouts.

The straps are replaceable, and you can choose from silicone straps or you can use a nylon band if you want to reduce the overall weight of the watch. There are no discomfort or irritations so you can choose the band that is more appealing to you. 

The watch is a little bit heavier than the original and you may notice the heaviness if you wear it all day long and if you go to bed with a watch. For these reasons, a nylon band might be the best solution. 

The LCD screen is 1.4-inch big and it offers many features. It is not the most vibrant screen, but it will serve you very well, especially in the conditions when the outdoor light is reduced. There is a night mode that keeps the backlight on when you do workouts. 

Main features 

There are around 25 modes that are integrated into this watch. These modes are reserved for swimming, climbing, running, hiking, skiing, rafting, and many more activities. You can also add workouts and training plans on top of the sports modes. There is a high accuracy and reliable sports tracking when it comes to Vertix 2. We are used to these functions from all Coros devices. 

When it comes to GPS ability, Coros represents a true leader in this area. You can have GPS tracking from all five major satellites, including GLONASS, GPS, Galileo, Beidou, and QZSS. In addition, there is also Dual Frequency satellite communication that picks the most accurate satellite solution. However, you are not equipped with multiple details here, and you can see only the main trails in the terrain. 

For measuring heart rate, there is a pulse oximeter and an optical heart rate monitor that tracks your heart rate during exercise. You can pair an external chest strap monitor for the more accurate measurement of the heart rate, but unfortunately, there is no ANT+ connectivity that cyclists can use during their workout. 

Vertix 2 has a wide range of smartwatch features too. You can pair a device with your computer and download the music in MP3 format. Later on, you can use Bluetooth headphones to listen to your favorite songs. There is also an option to control a camera from your watch, which gives you the freedom to take pictures from wherever you are. 

What makes this watch outstanding is the battery life. You can use the watch for up to 140 hours in full GPS mode or you can save power and get up to 240 hours in UltraMax mode. The watch will withstand 60 days of general use, which gives the watch a great advantage over other competitors. 


Coros Vertix 2 is a great successor of the previous generation and it has a lot to offer. From robust design to great functionality, the watch offers everything you need for your outdoor adventure.