Microsoft announced the acquisition of Gamification software developer Incent Games. This company also happens to be the developers of FantasySalesTeam, a sales gamification platform. It will work as a startup with winning way of utilizing game play to increase the performance track of sales team.

The sales gamification was founded by Incent Games in the year 2012, and it has raised $1.4 million through external funds from investors.

It grants organizations, the permission to run contests similar to ones initiated in fantasy sports. This feature is now available to all customers for helping them to achieve better result and incentivize their team of sales.

Incents’s FantasySalesTeam to its shopping basket

There are already several big clients involved with FantasySalesTeam, which includes Comcast, HP, Siemens, Bayada, Upack, Michelin, etc.

This product permits the company to assign a player position for sales representatives based on their performance. The awards associated with different outcomes are taken as the team score. The scores are thus recorded into CRM system of business, through integrations with Microsoft Dynamics and, for an example.

To allow a wide collaboration of the company, FantasySalesTeam allows organizations to appoint non-sales workers to their team, which includes marketing staff, finance, managers, operations, teams, and service.

Microsoft has been in the CRM business, for more than a decade. Its revenue increased from $900 million to $1.1 billion in the year 2011.

The Tech Giant will integrate the sales gamification into its own platform of Dynamic CRM, and will continue supporting others using it with various CRM solutions. It is planning ways to evaluate the features for other horizons apart from sales in future.

This method will replace the traditional motivational tools of sale by accumulating gamification along with fantasy sport, which will apply sales corporate theme to traditional methods. The competition will be based on teams, and as we mentioned earlier, those are not the part of sales can include themselves as well.

This kind of gamification usually involves mild betting, where players bet on winning or losing. The creation of unofficial betting based on performance can potentially add a tremendous pressure on the player to succeed, which in return has a significant effect on the performance of the employee.

The other gamification programs shows the top performers win and rest lose the interest, while in this platform, it creatively points out the problem and probable chances of errors that drive an amazing experience and outstanding results through its different and motivating approach.

The merger will not only highlight a big and increased exposure, but it will also improve company’s sales due to innovative service of gamification.

Microsoft expects the gamification team to deliver a great and unique result.

The representatives who approached this gamification platform, on an average seized 88 % more deals at the average contract value of 213%. There was a hike in sales by 176% for Wireless Zone, with 35% hike in product specific sale and 9% boost in profit in the very first month. No doubt, Microsoft seems excited about the acquisition.