Intel CES 2016 Keynote

Intel CES 2016 keynote kicked off very well with a huge multimedia variety befitting the CES 2016 stage with roving robots, dancing drones, and jumping dirt bikes, in other words, it had everything but a computer, which it is famous for. Intel has much to offer, this time, breaking its traditional boundaries, as personal computers have showed a poor earnings reports for the company this quarter.

Intel CES 2016 keynote event witnessed the dawn of the era in which Intel chip is no longer limited up to a PC. After showcasing the chip last year, the giant chipmaker has finally revealed his strategies regarding Intel Curie. The chip has been designed to efficiently fit in any size of the wearable present, large or small.

Intel Curie utilizes Intel Quark SE System of 32-bit on SoC chip, and will be available for sale earlier in the first quarter of this year. The coin-sized chip comes for $10 only.

Tech giants like Qualcomm have already placed their foot firm on the grounds of the wearable chip market, so in order to give a boost to Intel Curie, the chipmaker has partnered with few third-party companies with a sole focus on wearable technology.

After the official announcement at Intel CES 2016 keynote event, the first collaboration will commence in April 2016 in Aspen at X Games. At X Games, the chip will provide data from Snowboard Big Air and Snowboard Slopestyle competitions.

The chip is equipped with a sensor having six-axis combo due to which the judges and audiences will be able to watch live data being streamed on a real-time basis. They will be able to capture everything from air time to jump height, and to jump distance. In a similar manner, the company announced at the Intel CES 2016 keynote about its other partners, which include Red Bull, and the famous Lady Gaga, who will showcase the merits of this small chip by Intel.

There are so many other products that can be developed using Curie this year. Along with working for New Balance, the trainer maker, the Intel chip will be also featured in Radar Pace, a product by Oakley. Radar Pace is sunglasses that feature coaching functionality and analytics based on real-time.

The Curie model is equipped with sensors that include gyroscopes and accelerometers and Bluetooth Low Energy. The latest chip module by Intel arrives with a complete packaging of the software platform, which includes IQ software kits by Intel to make the creation of applications faster and easier.

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich mentioned, “This project will showcase technology through creativity at the highest level. You will all literally be blown away“.